ISL Online integrates with Autotask to deliver best-in-class IT business management and remote desktop service

Autotask logoWe are excited to announce ISL Online is now integrated with Autotask, one of the world’s leading IT Service Management solutions, and available to MSPs and other Autotask users. The integration is designed to help Managed Service Providers and IT Professionals even further increase efficiency and lower response times by creating seamless daily workflow without the need to switch between multiple interfaces to handle tickets.

“The integration is a big win for MSPs, system integrators and other IT service providers using Autotask in their daily business. Many clients using competitive solutions have been switching to ISL Online as a faster and more powerful remote desktop alternative,” says Jure Pompe, ISL Online CEO. “In order to streamline business processes and support growing needs, IT professionals seek more functionality, which makes sense in their daily business and helps them perform better and faster. Our partnership with Autotask presents itself as a perfect solution since it empowers users with reliable and feature-rich remote support services tightly integrated into the world’s leading IT business management solution.”

ISL Online integrates with Autotask to deliver best-in-class IT business management and remote desktop service

Benefits and features
Once integrated, users can simply start a secure ISL Online remote desktop session within their Autotask ticket to connect to the client’s remote device and troubleshoot technical issues remotely. A nifty integration feature makes sure everything you need to know about the client remains in one place as it appends all relevant information about the client’s remote support dealings to its original Autotask ticket. Additionally, a dashboard button inside an Autotask ticket opens the ISL Online dashboard and lets MSPs review their recent remote desktop support activity and initiate a new session.

Functionality included
You can:
• Diagnose and resolve technical issues remotely from Autotask.
• Initiate an on-demand remote control session directly from Autotask.
• Generate an ISL Online support session key directly from an Autotask ticket.
• Open the ISL Online dashboard directly from Autotask to review recent desktop support activity or to initiate a new remote control session.
• Record remote desktop sessions and play them back with ISL Player.
• Review the support session information, including the chat transcript and session recording, appended to a relevant Autotask ticket.
• Be carefree as ISL Online remote desktop sessions use a strong symmetrical AES 256-bit SSL encryption.

How to start a remote support session in Autotask
Simple. Just log into Autotask, click on the ‘Tickets’ panel and choose a desired ticket. Then scroll down to find a link ‘Start an ISL Light remote support session’ under LiveLinks. Clicking on this link will open the ISL Light application with a session code which you need to share with your client either through an automatic email or telephone. Once the client accepts your invitation, the remote support session starts, enabling you to use familiar remote support functionality like powerful remote control and smooth screen sharing, live chat, multi-monitor support, AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, crucial remote system information, session recording, file transfer, and more.

Watch this short tutorial video to get a rough idea of what to expect with the ISL Online and Autotask integration:

How it works
Who can use this feature? The Autotask integration feature is available to all Autotask account holders who have a permission to install and configure Autotask LiveLinks. However, to deploy remote desktop into Autotask, you need a valid ISL Online license as well – either the SaaS or self-hosted Server License.

The process is pretty simple and can be easily done in-house by an Autotask administrator. Please read the ISL Online Autotask Integration Manual for detailed instructions on how to perform the integration.

For more information about the ISL Online and Autotask integration please visit the ISL Online website.

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