ISL Online compatible with MacOS Sierra (10.12)

We are proud to announce ISL Online is now fully compatible with the Apple’s latest operating system for Macs, macOS Sierra (10.12), available since September 20. Server License users are welcome to update their ISL Online server, while SaaS users get the update automatically.

ISL Online compatible with MacOS Sierra

The new OS, to which you might have already updated your Mac, brought cool features like Siri and Picture in Picture. It also brought, though, some difficulties starting ISL Online. Thanks to diligent developers at ISL Online, however, the issue has been resolved with the new ISL Network Start 4.3.2 for macOS. Self-hosted users (Server License users) are welcome to install the new module ISL Network Start 4.3.2 and update their ISL Online server. Enjoy!

Release notes: ISL Online Network 4.3.2

Read more information about the macOS compatibility

Server License users need to update
How to upgrade your Server License
Buy ESS (if it’s expired)

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