With the ISL Online remote desktop solution, Brazilian software giant AlterData supports a million clients yearly

One of the largest software companies in Brazil and one of the best places to work in Rio de Janeiro, AlterData Software scaled up from the basic open-source tool UltraVNC to the branded feature-rich ISL Online’s Private Cloud solution in 2013. They’ve serviced over 2.6 million users since, loving the solution for its high performance, connection speed, simple user interface, many features, and low costs. Here it is then, AlterData’s user story ISL Online is really proud to share.

AlterData Software headquarters

AlterData switched to ISL Online back in 2013 to use it for nation-wide client tech support. They have since run over 2.6 million remote support sessions with an average of as many as 200 simultaneous sessions.

Who is AlterData Software?
As a large company that develops software for automating accounting, sales, business management and real estate tasks, AlterData employs 1,300 people in its headquarters based in Teresópolis, and has 85 branch offices in major cities throughout the country. Their motto is not merely to develop quality software products but also to work on a great service to go along with them. With that in mind they are on a constant lookout for options to enhance customer service. By monitoring their service closely and adjusting employee training based on the findings, AlterData assures the best possible service regardless of the representative’s and client’s location. Their customer service thus remains a thing that differentiates them from the rest and wins the trust of customers wherever setting up a representative.

Why ISL Online
For years, AlterData had been relying on UltraVNC, an open-source remote desktop software limited to Microsoft Windows and single-monitor displays, and was at some point determined to find a more complex solution that would allow them to provide a quality service to any customer regardless of their operating system, computer, mobile device or level of computer skills. The solution needed to be installed on AlterData’s own server and assure limitless use.

After testing a couple of industry mainstream solutions, ISL Online seemed to meet all of AlterData’s requirements and thus AlterData decided to go in favour of the ISL Online’s Corporate Server License plan. The key criteria for choosing ISL Online Corporate Server License:
• Works great in all environments
• No limits regarding the number of users, either on the technical representative side or the remote client side
• Installed on the user company’s own server
• Full control over the service
• Standard and additional levels of security
• Software customisation
• Possible integration with the client’s existing systems
• Support for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OX, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile

Of all technologies we have tested, ISL Online was the only one to provide customisation in terms of security and layout with transparency and efficiency. It is of utmost importance for AlterData to have a solution in our own environment, because it makes us feel more confident to be able to manage and handle the system in house. Since AlterData has a unique Support Control peculiarity, only a very flexible solution was actually able to fit our needs, and that’s exactly what we found in ISL Online.

Rodrigo Loures , AlterData’s IT Manager

AlterData adopts ISL Online Remote Desktop
Soon after implementing ISL Online, installing it on a single virtual machine, AlterData started running as many as 200 simultaneous remote desktop sessions. ISL Online’s simple user interface and its many features like on-demand remote support and unattended remote access turned out successful in servicing clients who varied widely in age, sector and location. Also, when AlterData was used for Internet speed problems with the previous solution, consuming anything from 256Kbps to 512Kbps for a low-quality screen sharing session, ISL Online’s high-quality sessions added to an average of merely 2MBps per server with over 400 sessions per server.

AlterData's branded ISL Online Client and Desk

AlterData’s user apps not only include their own logo and corporate branding, but have also been customised in terms of specific functionality alterations in order to fit into their workflow better.

Upgrading to a Private Cloud
In fact, as ISL Online was doing such a stellar job, AlterData soon decided to upgrade their Corporate Server License, installed on one server, to a more powerful Private Cloud, a solution that combines a perfect combination of independence and control of a dedicated environment, and thus enhanced security, power, redundancy, and ease of use of a cloud.

ISL Online Remote Desktop Private Cloud

ISL Online’s Private Cloud combines a perfect combination of independence and control of a dedicated environment, and enhanced security, power, redundancy, and ease of use of a cloud.

With the ISL Online Private Cloud, AlterData was finally able to channel a majority of technical support requests to the remote desktop support service, which gradually pushed its activities from running up to 200 simultaneous sessions a year before to incredible 900 simultaneous sessions today. AlterData’s monthly stats sum up to almost 60,000 hours of remote desktop sessions, with an average of about 40 minutes per session, and 2.76TB of files transferred.

1 million sessions per year
Ever since its introduction in 2013, ISL Online has proved to be a downright reliable and easy to maintain solution that sits well with a large corporation and its specific demands. As AlterData’s main remote desktop solution, ISL Online has enabled nation-wide client tech support accounting for a staggering 2.6 million remote support sessions in just three years. If we sum up the overall time AlterData has spent connected to remote computers, we get an amazing number of 1,734,159 hours or 198 years in total, in which they transferred 67.63 TB of data.

AlterData customer support

With the ISL Online remote desktop solution, Brazilian software giant AlterData has serviced over 2.6 million users since 2016.

Numerous benefits brought by ISL Online
Being a satisfied super user, AlterData reports on various benefits.
• High performance
• Connection speed
• Many functionalities
• Ability to successfully resolve a majority of technical support requests
• Simple user interface that successfully addresses different types of users throughout the country
• Tighter relationship with clients who can now reach them in a matter of a couple of a few clicks
• Huge increase in productivity
• Reduced support costs
• Low software costs

If you want to be featured in our next user story, you are welcome to drop us an email to sales@islonline.com. Thanks!

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