In 2016, ISL Online again surpasses the seven-year average uptime

The 2016 uptime report is here and we are proud to say ISL Online did yet another year well above the promised 99.95% SLA and once again proved a wise choice for reliable and secure remote connections to any device worldwide. ISL Online SaaS performed at impressive 99.9836 percent uptime, which means that globally speaking the service was intact and globally available 24/7/365 except for 86 minutes of partial service or web downtime across 30 minor incidents.

ISL Online uptime in 2016

Among main reasons why businesses usually prefer SaaS to self-hosted solutions are greater reliability, security and automatic updates, while it’s also easy to use and works anywhere 24/7/365 with guaranteed uptime that the user company might find hard to provide on its own.

How reliable are ISL Online’s hosted services?
If you’ve ever tried them, you’ll know that the ISL Online remote desktop services are really fool-proof easy to use, provide a maximum level of security and hassle-free updates, while they also perform geographically independent. The question mostly big enterprises are usually concerned about, though, is whether the infrastructure behind the SaaS is smart and stable enough to provide around-the-clock uptime.

With a proprietary cloud infrastructure currently based on 70+ servers distributed in 50 industry-proven data centres in six continents, ISL Online SaaS performs at uptime higher than the 99.95 percent SLA with average uptime actually reaching amazing 99.9825 percent or just 92 minutes of downtime on a yearly basis. What the underlying cloud based platform basically does is to immediately shift sessions from failed servers to the healthy ones, alleviating the consequences of a partial failure for the affected users to feel slower performance rather than a complete blackout.

ISL Online downtime in 2016

ISL Online did a good job in 2016 and finished the year with six minute less downtime than its seven-year average, and almost three hours less downtime than the guaranteed SLA.

Uptime in 2016
In 2016, ISL Online recorded 30 minor incidents, of which only nine incidents actually interfered with the SaaS’s performance, while the remaining 21 incidents affected the website hosted on a separate set of servers. ISL Online remote desktop services were thus available 24/7/365 except for 26 minutes across nine outages but never more than eleven minutes at a time. The website, though, amassed a rough one hour downtime in 2016, which affected the users who wanted to start the service through the web and not through the downloaded apps, making connectivity and service during downtime really sluggish as opposed to the otherwise high speed connections and seamless desktop sharing.

All in all, 2016 was yet another great year for ISL Online in terms of progress, service quality, and satisfied users. Stay tuned to see how ISL Online does in 2017 as I have a strong feeling we are breaking the uptime record in the years to follow.

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