Small company Woodstock IT switches to ISL Online for its competitive pricing and local support

Woodstock IT is one of those small local companies that do their job whole-heartedly and measure their success by their clients’ satisfaction. Woodstock IT provides a wide range of bespoke IT services to commercial and domestic properties throughout Sussex and Surrey, England’s counties which combined house about 2.75 million people.

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Founded in 2007, Woodstock IT provide a wide range of bespoke IT services to commercial and domestic properties throughout Sussex and Surrey. The dedicated team of ten recently moved to larger premises in Horsham and work with local businesses that require managed IT services, storage, and online security solutions, as well as property owners who want to benefit from excellent WiFi and data management.

Julian Shelley, founder, and owner, first heard of ISL Online from a customer whose vendor for their main system was working with ISL Online and recommended its remote desktop software. As Woodstock IT continued to expand, ISL Online provided an excellent way to live chat with clients and work with them in real-time to solve issues more efficiently.

At this stage, the decision was made to choose ISL Online over a similar remote desktop solution, which has a significantly higher price point. Having now worked with ISL Online for a number of years, we talked to Julian about his experience of working with our software and which specific features have had the most practical results.

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Why did your company start searching for a remote control tool and why did you choose ISL Online?

We needed an efficient remote support tool to better engage with our clients and we loved the competitive pricing of ISL Online when compared to the likes of LogMeIn Rescue and TeamViewer. When you combine the price point with the software provided, it’s great value.

Where did you hear of ISL Online?

We first heard of ISL Online through a customer who we had gone out to see. We were helping them to resolve a software issue with one of their main systems and the vendor of that system was using ISL Online. After this, we researched the software and were keen to try it.

How many similar remote desktop solutions did you try before you decided to choose ISL Online?

Since being an established business, we used LogMeIn Rescue before making the switch. Whilst the service was good, we found their pricing to be very high by comparison with ISL Online.

A key criterion for choosing ISL Light?

For us, it’s that it’s a lightweight, efficient software that does what we need it to and does this well. We have also benefited from the friendly UK based support and account management on offer.

Which features do you find the most useful?

The built-in file transfer and chat features are great. Also, the ability to report on how many hours we have used the software for in a remote session.

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How about security?

We’ve never had to be concerned about the security of the system. The unique session code feature works really well and provides all the security we and our clients need.

Can you describe a typical use case?

A new or existing customer calls in struggling with some IT issues that need to be fixed in a timely fashion for their productivity, at work or at home. They are not on our main RMM system so we use ISL Online to get remote access and assist them. We have around five to ten similar sessions per day, which can range from anything from five minutes to an hour per session.

How do you grade ISL Online’s support? 

I rate the support as excellent. The team have always been helpful when an issue has arisen and we’ve always been confident in their knowledge.

Would you like to add anything?

I can’t stress enough the importance of having the right tools for the job and we are very happy to have ISL Online within our arsenal to provide a quality service to our clients. Looking ahead, I think that the use of remote support solutions will increase as they are very practical and cause the least disruption to the client who has an IT issue.

If you want to be featured in our next user story, you are welcome to drop us an email to Thanks!

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