Do you want to make your remote desktop support smarter? Come to SITS!

We, and especially our UK team, are looking forward to visiting SITS 2017 – the Service Desk & IT Support Show. It’s a two-day opportunity to leave our desks, meet up with our clients and prospects to discuss the latest remote desktop support trends. If you’re planning to visit SITS, we will be happy to welcome you at our stand 205. The entrance to the show is free.

Where? SITS 2017, #stand 205, Olympia, London
When? June 7-8

It’s our 5th consecutive show and we love it. We like to be involved in vivid discussions at the show where you get on the spot all the answers needed to make your remote support more efficient. We can tackle the customisation possibilities, integration opportunities and new security measures such as why two-factor authentication is very important when using your remote desktop services. At the same time, we get to know the users’ perspective, which gives us new and fresh ideas for setting our next goals. Here are some of the highlights from previous SITS shows:

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SITS is free
Considered to be one of the best ITSM conferences in Europe, SITS attracts over 3,500 ITSM professionals and hosts over 50 free-to-attend seminars and keynotes. And they are all free for you to attend. However, to get free admission to the show you have to register before 6pm on Tuesday, 6th June, 2017. After that an entry fee of £35 will be charged online or on the door.

We really do look forward to having you at the show. Do come and say Hello! We have a few small gifts and we can demo the latest versions of ISL Online, but most importantly it would be great to meet you and see the people behind the voices.

Follow our social channels and stay tuned for more action from SITS 2017.

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