Bolton Gate Services: Efficient mobile device remote support reduced our downtime and boosted our productivity

Providing great remote desktop services to all of our clients is not only our job, it is also our passion. In this innovative and ever-changing process, what we value the most is our users’ feedback. Based on your feedback, needs and wishes we steer our wheel. That is why we like to hear your stories and share them across the whole ISL Online community.

This time we reached out to Bolton Gate Services, who have been using ISL Online for a year now. We talked to their head of engineering support, Chris Ingleson.

Mobile device support

ISL Online lets you connect to a mobile device and provide remote support.

Offering 24 hours and 7 days a week emergency maintenance across the UK requires a pretty good organisation?

Chris: Yes, it does. We are based in Bolton in the North West England and we have 15 fully stocked and strategically placed nationwide depots in order to guarantee a maximum 4-hour response. To offer 24 hours and 7 days a week emergency maintenance for automatic entrance systems and loading bay equipment we have 130 highly trained employees spread across the UK, which use Samsung tablets to provide adequate support to all of our clients.

You mentioned your field engineers use Samsung tablets. I guess these should always work properly in order to provide quality support. How do you handle technical problems with your team being spread around the surface area of 242.495 km²?

Chris: That’s right, our engineers currently use 90 Samsung tablets. We, the headquarters support team, provide engineers on the field with immediate technical help using the ISL Online Remote Desktop. When our engineers bump into a technical problem regarding the software or any other technical issue for that matter, they simply call technical support. When I receive a telephone call from the engineers, I give them a session code and take control of the tablet from wherever I am. I can then quickly and efficiently sort any issue with the tablet, while the engineer is still on the site.

Your team efficiency and productivity heavily depend on mobile devices. I suppose mobile device support must have been a key feature when choosing your remote desktop solution?

Chris: Exactly! Compatibility with the Android OS and high reliability were the two main reasons why Bolton Gate Services chose ISL Online as our official remote desktop solution. We did an extensive in-depth research of remote desktop solutions and ISL Online was our best pick.

I’m curious to know how did you handle the technical issues before ISL Online?

Chris: In the past, when facing a technical issue with a tablet, a Bolton Gate Services engineer had to physically mail the problematic tablet to the headquarters, where the support team then dealt with its issues. Sometimes a tablet arrived even for the simplest of issues.

Ouch, that must have been frustrating. I can imagine the productivity boost once you have introduced ISL Online?

Chris: Yes, ISL Online has contributed in significantly reducing the downtime engineers spend without their tablets, so the rise in productivity is obvious. At the same time, the mailing costs between the headquarters support team and on-field engineers have dropped significantly.

I noticed you have also installed ISL Online Live Chat on your website?

Chris:  This was a pleasant surprise for us. It’s not common that you receive a live chat tool along with the remote desktop at no extra charge. We have added the ISL Online Live Chat function on our website in order to communicate with potential clients more efficiently. This turned out as a very good decision since the possibility to communicate with online visitors through Live Chat has already proved well in increasing the revenue.

Chris, thank you for taking your time and sharing your experience with us and our clients.


About Bolton Gate Services

Bolton Gate Services is a privately owned business established in 2002. Approximately 130 highly trained employees offer 24 hours and 7 days a week emergency maintenance for automatic entrance systems and loading bay equipment. Bolton Gate Services have a fleet of fully equipped vehicles, ready for any kind of event and equipped with a wide range of trade critical equipment and spare parts. Employees are highly skilled experts in numerous products and processes because the company invests heavily in their training. The company achieved a turnover of £8.5 Million in 2015.


P.S. If you’d like to share your ISL Online story, we would be more than glad to listen. Get in touch.

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