ISL Online helps Mexicans after the earthquake

ISL Online offers its remote desktop software free of charge to help people in Mexico overcome the difficult “after-earthquake” period

We were all shocked by the terrifying earthquakes in Mexico in September 2017. We immediately contacted our business partner in Mexico to make sure they were all okay. We were relieved to hear the whole team and all of their family and friends were safe.

3 months of ISL Online free of charge

This week Mexico team managed to get back on track after the powerful quake, yet every day they still can see the awful consequences of it. That is why they came up with the idea to offer 3 months of ISL Online services to any business in Mexico free of charge. ISL Online Headquarters is more than willing to support this. “If we can in any way help Mexican businesses to get through this unhappy period by offering our remote desktop software free of charge, it’s the least we can do and we’re happy to do it,” says Jure Pompe, ISL Online CEO.

ISL Online primarily develops remote desktop support and unattended computer access software. In these uncertain days after the devastating event, many might prefer to work from home or from any other location that they consider secure. ISL Online software enable them to continue with their work efficiently from any remote location they choose.  “With ISL Online people are able to connect to remote computers or mobile devices from wherever,” says Pompe.

To activate the 90 days free ISL Online service, please sign up for an ISL Online account and get in touch with ISL Online México ( to guarantee you uninterrupted use of ISL Online in the next three months.

Good luck Mexico!

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  1. Hans says:

    Very friendly gesture!

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