Devon Air Ambulance: ISL Online contributed to an enormous productivity rise

In this post dedicated to our users, I’m happy to present Devon Air Ambulance, a team of big-hearted people who have flown over 25,000 lifesaving missions since its first mission in August 1992. With two helicopters, their specialist paramedics in critical care are able to reach patients in need of essential medical treatment quickly, often inaccessible by road, within 15 minutes. But saving lives comes at a cost. Every year the Charity needs to raise £5.5 million to run the service. To support their office staff and 18 charity shops around Devon, vital for their fundraising activities, DAA uses ISL Online remote desktop.

DAA two helicopters deploy between 35 to 50 incidents a week.

DAA two helicopters deploy between 35 to 50 incidents a week.

Immediate support for office staff and charity shops
“With ISL Online I’m able to seamlessly connect to a remote computer and immediately see the issue a colleague working in a remote location/shop is having. The software enables me to take full control of a remote computer, view their screen and quickly resolve problems that have occurred,” explains Irfan, IT Training Support Officer at DAA. He usually solves printing issues and performs software installation remotely.

A big turning point in productivity
When Ann Thomas’ son Ceri died in 1986, after being told by doctors at the hospital that the faster treatment administered could have saved him, she set about raising funds for an Air Ambulance in Devon. Since then DAA has grown considerably, employing 85 staff members and engaging 450+ volunteers who donate their time to the Charity.

DAA haven’t used a remote desktop tool in the past, but with a fairly big team dispersed across a large geographical area a remote desktop software was an IT must-have. “One of our IT support providers is using ISL Online. They were very happy with it, so I thought it would also be a good fit for us and would give it a try,” says Irfan.

Introducing ISL Online into their IT support made Irfan say: “Eureka!” Since then he has noticed an enormous rise in productivity: “I have saved myself at least 4 hours travel time in the past 7 days thanks to ISL Online.” In addition to offering remote tech support, ISL Online allows Irfan to do short one-on-one training without dragging staff away from their workplace. Its saves him and his team a lot of journeys to different sites.

Fast and easy to use
According to Irfan, who solves between 5 and 10 issues per day, the biggest strengths of ISL Online remote desktop software are fast screen-connect, simple user interface and ease of use. To conclude our friendly talk Irfan said: “We are proud to be a totally independent of Government funding, meaning we can also look at further growth to the service, always putting the patient at the forefront of everything that we do. We are solely supported by donations from the communities, businesses and friends of Devon. So, the support of ISL Online has been amazing.”

DAA paramedics team is able to reach emergency scenes inaccessible by road.

DAA paramedics team is able to reach emergency scenes inaccessible by road.

“We would like to thank ISL Online for their support of the Charity. Gifts in kind like this really does make a huge difference as it means that every penny possible goes towards keeping our helicopters flying.”

It is also our great pleasure to be able to support a team like Devon Air Ambulance, committed to saving lives. Good luck!

If you would like to know more or donate to Devon Air Ambulance, please visit their website.

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