ISL Online maintains 99,98% uptime in 2017

Also in 2017 ISL Online stayed true to their promise and recorded an impressive 99,9814% uptime, which again exceeded the 99,95% uptime guaranteed in the SLA. Looking at the past 8 years ISL Online kept the average cloud service availability at enviable 99.9823%.

ISL Online maintains 99,98% uptime in 2017

SaaS availability in 2017
The ISL Online SaaS performance, which depends on the uptime of the ISL Online global network, experienced a single one-minute outage in the whole year. While the ISL Online website, hosted on a separate set of servers, was intact and globally available 24/7/365 except for 97 minutes of web downtime across 19 minor incidents. Yet, this didn’t prevent users to start remote desktop sessions due to our multi-master architecture. All of the users that wanted to start a remote connection through the web during a web downtime, were automatically offered an alternative login page hosted by the ISL Online network ( and have started the session there. However, the web downtime caused a temporary unavailability of certain functionalities such as user management, etc.

In 2017 ISL Online services experienced 1,63 hours of downtime.

Assuring 24/7 availability is our top priority
We know how critical remote support is. It’s essential you can rely on your trusted remote desktop software provider in order to offer quality service to everyone that relies on you. Our primary goal is to obtain a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, where reliability and security are positioned at the top, and deliver service that ensures reliable business continuity.

ISL Online global network of servers

ISL Online’s proprietary cloud infrastructure is currently based on 80 servers distributed in 50 industry-proven data centres in six continents.

How does ISL Online ensure availability?
With over 15 years of active presence on the market, ISL Online is one the most experienced remote desktop providers. The network, which powers ISL Online cloud-based services, consists of more than 80 dedicated servers hosted in professional and industry-proven data centres around the world. If there is a partial failure, the global cloud network instantly redirects and redistributes the sessions to the second-best server around assuring the users can continue their work without interruptions.

How does ISL Online measure availability?
From an end user’s perspective availability is a key indicator of the quality of a service. Thus, at ISL Online we consider availability at the point of service design (the cloud network has been designed to be fault tolerant, geographically independent, and to balance load evenly among servers) as well as monitoring uptime during normal operations. ISL Online services are used worldwide all of the time, so the availability is based on 24×7 hours of operations. Our basic KPIs for availability are:

  • Availability of IT services compared to SLA values
  • Duration of disruptions to IT services
  • Number of disruptions to IT services
  • Number of infrastructure components (networks, servers, storage, operating systems etc.) with availability monitoring

Availability management makes part of a wider incident management, which ISL Online uses to guarantee a rapid restoration of normal service operation after an unplanned interruption. Each incident normally includes the following elements:

  • Timeline UTC (a log of events in the chronological order in UTC time zone)
  • Executive summary (a brief description of the incident)
  • Root cause (an explanation of the root cause of the incident)
  • Resolution and recovery (a description of the incident mitigation process)
  • Corrective and preventative measures (an explanation of the actions taken to prevent such incidents in the future)
  • Other relevant information

IMS helps us maintain continuous service levels, measure the IT service availability, document the undesired events and prevent their reoccurrence.

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