How Server License users can avoid “Authenticode Expiry Warning”

These days, our Server License users are receiving automatic system messages from their ISL Conference Proxy servers: “Authenticode will expire on 2018-01-29”.

What should Server License users do about this?
All system administrators who manage the ISL Online Server License in their organisation are recommended to follow the procedure described below and remove the automatic system notification about certificate expiry in order to solve this issue. However, this notification compromise the security of your system.

While Server License users with a valid Extended support service (ESS) can upgrade their ISL Conference Proxy immediately, Server License users with an expired ESS will first need to purchase the yearly “Updates and Upgrades”, which account for about 15% of their license value.

Buy Service Support

Log in to your ISL Online account, go to “License” tab and click on “Buy ESS” to extend the Service Support for one year.

Procedure for removing the Authenticode expiry warning
1. Log in to your ISL Online Account.
2. Create a new packet to get the new license file.
3. Go to the server running ISL Conference Proxy.
4. Open the web administration page: http://localhost:7615/conf.
6. Log in as user admin.
7. Upload the new license file to your ISL Conference Proxy.
8. Restart ISL Conference Proxy.
9. Check for the updates and get the latest version of the software. Go to Manage software and select Online update to do so.

The story behind the update
ISL Online is using Authenticode certificates to sign their software and guarantee its integrity. While our global network administrators have already updated the certificate for the ISL Online hosted service, Server License users will have to do it on their own. The code signing certificate is a part of a license which the users upload to their own servers when setting up ISL Conference Proxy. Server license users need to upload a new license file which includes the updated certificate in order to stop receiving the expiry warning.

Does this apply to Hosted Service users as well?
No, absolutely not. ISL Online team periodically updates all certificates, so our Hosted Service (cloud) users do not need to worry about such updates. They are always using the latest version of ISL Online software.

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