ISL Online’s 2017 Year in Review

A great deal has happened in 2017. We’d like to take a special opportunity to look back on all things we have learned and achieved over the last twelve months and present it to you in this “Year in review” post.

Year 2017 in Review

Release highlights
In 2017, we have witnessed 32 releases delivering a bunch of updates that brought the ISL Online remote desktop software several steps closer to what you would call a perfect solution for professional remote support and remote access. Since the full list is long, I’ll only mention the most important updates and new features.


  • We have enhanced the security of all our desktop and mobile apps with the release of two-factor authentication
  • We have protected connections between two endpoints with stronger RSA 2048-bit keys for Server License users

ISL Light Remote Support
We have added the ability to:

ISL AlwaysOn Remote Access

ISL Light for Android
A help desk technician can now:

ISL Pronto Live Chat

If you’re keen on going through our release history in detail, you’re welcome to read the Release info page.

New website
October was an important month for us as we released a brand-new website which, for several months prior to release, the team were working extremely hard to perfect. The website is the result of our ongoing pursuit to find new and better ways to deliver our value proposition and relevant content to you, our users. Our goal was to focus on what we do best. Without a doubt, that’s the remote support and remote access software. So, we revamped our services pages to reiterate the value we provide.

From a technical standpoint, the most critical improvement is responsive web design. The display of our website now works great across different screen sizes and on various devices and thus provides a pleasant user experience regardless the device.

The last thing I’d like to point out is a new “Tips&Tricks” section. There you will find series of video tutorials which will help you master the ISL Online remote desktop tools.

New US office
October was undeniably an exciting month for ISL Online. Along with the release of the new website, we were excited to announce the opening of our new location in North America, which has been a company goal since we launched our first product in 2003.

Read all about our US operations in a PR article
Visit our US web page

Around the world
We never settle. Just like Daft Punk we’ve been around the world and contributed our share of knowledge and experience in the remote desktop field at various events. We have attended Education Technology Conference in the USA, SMAU in Italy, SDI Conference in Mexico, NEC in the UK, Digital America Expo in Chile, HDI Conference & Expo in Brazil, SITS in the UK, CommunicAsia in Singapore, HDI Conference & Expo in the USA and CeBIT in Germany.

We nourish our relationships with our business partners and clients and we are always glad to welcome them at the ISL Online Headquarters in Ljubljana. We proudly show them around the capital and take them to a beautiful Bled and breathtaking Vogel.

The team
While we’re always focused on the future, we’re also proud of our traditions. And we have not once in the last 15+ years missed one traditional company picnic or skipped a New Year’s party with our workmates. 2017 was no exception and we had a great time! Our autumn sailing is another teambuilding activity that has become a tradition in our company. Each September or October we set sail to clear our minds and connect on a new level. This year we have additionally spiced up our office life with icy curling, flying in Aerodium, racing with go-karts and dressing up for the carnival.

ISL Online Team

A warm salute from our team.

At this point, I’d like to say “Thank you” to all of our international teams as well as all business partners which proudly stand behind the ISL Online products and help us grow the ISL Online community. And, of course, to you, our loyal customers!

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