Set up unattended remote access using a 12-digit code

When adding a remote computer to your ISL AlwaysOn list, the usual practice is to send an invitation email to your client, who opens the provided link and installs the ISL AlwaysOn agent onto their computer. But, did you know that ISL AlwaysOn supports a quick and easy way of adding a remote computer via the 12-digit code?

If your client is around their computer when you’re setting up unattended remote access, we recommend you try this option. Keep in mind that the first part of the instructions that follow should be performed on your side (operator side) and the rest on your client’s side.

Operator’s side
1. Log in with your ISL Online account at and open the Remote Access tab
2. Click on “Add Remote Computer” button

Add remote computer

As usually, start by clicking “Add remote computer”.

3. Instead of sending the invitation email, copy the 12-digit code and share it with your client (over a phone, SMS, via live chat etc.)

Copy remote access code

Copy the code and share it with your client.

Client’s side
1. Navigate to and enter the provided 12-digit code
2. Run ISL AlwaysOn once it has been downloaded

Run remote access agent

Start the remote access agent ISL AlwaysOn installation.

3. Proceed with the installation, set a strong access password and finish by clicking “Grant Access”

Grant access to a remote operator

Grant access to a remote operator.








From now on the operator can access the Client’s computer provided they have the access password the client has set. Quick and easy, right?

If you prefer watching a video, Jim explains this procedure in a video tutorial, which shows you different ways of setting up remote access on computers.

This article is a part of the “ISL Online features you probably didn’t know about” series.
Stay tuned for more features that might help you make your work even more efficient!

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