Here’s how you can access a remote computer faster

If you’re one of those that often access a specific unattended remote computer, we have a great tip for you. It will help you speed up the process of connecting to the remote computer and it will optimise your remote access experience.

When connecting to a remote computer running ISL AlwaysOn you have two main options. Either you use the ISL Light application or you log in at Either way, the procedure includes a number of steps: logging into your ISL Online account, finding the correct computer, entering the access password etc. There is a way, though, which significantly speeds up the connection process and comes in handy if you need to connect to the same computer on multiple occasions. Here’s what you can do:

Step 1
Log in at and click on “Remote Access” tab.
Remote access tab


Step 2
Find the desired computer and click “Connect” and then “Save” once the executable has downloaded.
Save ISL Light


Step 3
Rename the executable in a way so you’ll know which computer you are connecting to next time you run it. e.g. My-Home-PC
Rename computer


Step 4
Double-click the executable to run it.


Step 5
Enter the remote computer’s access password. The connection will be established automatically.
Set the password

The first time you need to go through the whole process, but each time you would like to connect to this computer in the future, you just need to run the executable that you have saved and enter the access password for this computer. That’s because the executable contains all the necessary information for connecting to a desired computer and saves you time by skipping the first two steps.

This article is a part of the “ISL Online features you probably didn’t know about” series.
Stay tuned for more features that might help you make your work even more efficient!

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5 Responses to Here’s how you can access a remote computer faster

  1. It’s really easy to access a remote computer. Great application.

  2. To access the remote faster use these steps:
    a) Remote access the tab
    b) Go through the computer and click Connect and then Save
    c) Connect your system to run it
    d) Double click your system to access it
    e) Use the password and username

  3. pcsupport says:

    Good information, It’s really easy to access a remote computer. If you have any kinds of the technical issue with your system then you can get help with PC Support Number, we are just around you at the single Call. Dial @ +44 800 098 8380 .

  4. I read all your steps which mention above but I am unable to understand step 2 so please describe this step in another way otherwise all your steps are really good.

    • barbaraisl says:

      When you click connect the ISL Light programme downloads and you get a pop-up dialogue as seen on the screenshot (Step 2). You need to save this executable file, so next time you can simply run the executable and access your remote computer faster.

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