Grenline Pet: After years of frustration with remote access tools, we have finally found satisfaction with ISL Online

Greenline Pet is a three-year old software-as-a-service (SaaS) start-up that makes redeeming coupons and rebates on commonly-used pet medications easier. In the year that Greenline has been using ISL Online, they have achieved an impressive 98% success rate with virtual installations, even among its technologically-diverse clientele.

We reached out to Nick Meurrier, partner and Director of Sales and Operations at Greenline Pet, who describes ISL Online as phenomenal and hands-down better than anything they’ve used before.

Vet doctor using a computer

Nick, that’s a very flattering description of ISL Online you gave there.
Well, it’s true. We love ISL Online. We changed products a lot during our first two years in business because the tools just didn’t work a lot of the time, and we needed something that could work in at least 90% of the environments we encountered. Once we found ISL Online it was the end of our frustrations and we could finally settle.

How was ISL Online different from other remote access products?
We’ve never had this success rate with any other remote access software. In one year we have achieved an impressive 98% success rate with virtual installations, even among its technologically-diverse clientele. Plus, their annual pricing is good and we know they’re not going to add on fees for new releases.

I understand it’s of key importance that your remote access software works well in many different environments?
Yes, in the veterinarian world, outside of the major corporate veterinarian groups, there are essentially 26,000 “mom and pop”-like operations nationwide. It’s imperative that we work seamlessly with a wide-variety of operating systems, be compatible with multiple hardware configurations, and adapt to individual degrees of technical aptitude.

What problem does ISL Online solve in your case?
Greenline Pet software requires an install on a clinic’s server. Soon we have realised that it would be far more beneficial if we could manage the entire installation virtually instead of asking a clinic to do it for themselves. I mean, yes, our software is fairly easy to set up, and I could talk you through it on the phone. But when we manage the whole installation, it brings a new level of service that’s unexpected and appreciated. It creates another point of differentiation for us.

How did your clients, vet clinics, accept ISL Online?
Our clients find ISL Online easy to use, too. They just go to our website and hit the join button. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Then we remote in, set up the software and do everything for a client in under nine minutes.

To make your clients’ experience even better, you might want to white-label the remote access software?
You’re right. ISL Online offers a white label option and that’s what we’re going to tackle next. The ISL Online team has even offered to help us set that up so we can focus on growing our company.

Also, we’re updating our website now and want to add ISL Online Live Chat feature. Both, live chat and complete customisation will help us up our game even more as we expand our reach and launch new products.

How important is remote access software for you?
Remote installations became a core part of our service offering, so remote access is of key importance. ISL Online has become our favourite vendor and partner. It helps us remove barriers for our customers, and that makes it easier for us to grow our business. We are completely happy.

Nick, it’s been nice talking to you. Thank you for taking your time and sharing your experience with us and our clients.

P.S. If you’d like to share your ISL Online story, we would be more than glad to listen. Get in touch.


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