Singtel uses ISL Online software to offer efficient remote support in a low bandwidth environment to their clients at the sea

Singtel, the largest mobile network operator in Singapore, approached ISL Online after hearing a presentation of the remote desktop software their CEO gave on the stage at CommunicAsia event in Singapore. Their request was clear – they needed a snappier and more responsive remote access and support software, as their previous solution didn’t prove reliable on low bandwidth connections and was using up too much data.

We have reached out to Sunil Janardhanan, product developer and senior engineer at Singtel Satellite to tell us more about their specific use case.

Singtel offers remote support at the sea

Sunil, let’s start with your key request, the remote desktop software you were searching for needed to work reliably on a bandwidth as low as 64kbps?
Yes, most of our clients operate in satellite network where data transfer is a scarce and expensive commodity, while some of them run their business on a limited bandwidth data plan, which limits them to transfer no more than 250Mb per month. That’s why a remote desktop software optimised for a low bandwidth connection was the only option to go with.

How did you test the ISL Online remote desktop software?
The ISL Online support team was of great help here. Together we have performed various test sessions to find out what are the key factors that affect the size of a transferred data and how it can be optimised for our needs.

What has turned out to be the heaviest factor for the data transfer?
The tests have shown that screen activity has a dominant impact on a data usage, yet the idle state (no screen activity except for a clock in a taskbar) and medium screen activity (moderate command prompt usage), do not overflow the 64kbps limit. While the screen resolution and colours had minor or no impact.

Did the tests go well and has ISL Online fulfilled your expectations?
Yes, completely. It turned out ISL Online is an exceptionally effective tool when it comes to low bandwidth and high-latency networks. In both use cases, remote technical support and unattended remote access, medium screen activity in low color mode when connected to a remote computer with screen resolution of 1280×1024 or lower will consume between 30kbps and 40kbps.

How do you usually use ISL Online?
We have created users for all of our support team members. With ISL Online they remotely access unattended computers located on the vessels to monitor the activity or troubleshot the issues which might occur.

Before ISL Online, have you used remote desktop software of other providers?
Yes, we were using Teamviewer, but it didn’t prove reliable on low bandwidth connections and was using up too much data. That’s why we were searching for a new solution and came across ISL Online.

You were aiming for a self-hosted solution, but finally decided for the ISL Online hosted service?
Yes, we came to ISL Online with the idea of a self-hosted solution on our mind. Yet, we started a hosted service trial and realised that it offers us a highly reliable service based on the high-availability ISL Online global network of 80+ interconnected servers, one placed also in Singapore.

What are the benefits you experienced with the hosted service?
It’s easy and comfortable. It doesn’t require any extra work from our side, we didn’t have to appoint any of our staff to manage the service, we have just subscribed and created the users under our account. In the future, though, we might upgrade to a Managed Private Cloud to have even faster connections and complete privacy.

What about the security?
We were not willing to make compromises on security. Only a highly secure solution with the highest level of encryption and other security mechanisms in place was an option. ISL Online proved to offer everything we asked for.

Sunil, thank you for taking your time and sharing your experience with us and our customers.

About Singtel Satellite
Singtel Satellite is Asia’s leading provider of customised satellite solutions for corporate customers in various industries, such as shipping, offshore, oil and gas. In 2008, Singtel has set a strategic focus on Maritime communications and launched their “Office-at-Sea” suite. With their services installed on more than 10,000 ships, Singtel enables their customers to maintain critical business communications between their global offices and remote operations at sea.


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