Mitsubishi Chemical Systems trusts ISL Online remote desktop to support 32,000 employees of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group

Mitsubishi Chemical Systems (MCS) provides comprehensive IT technical services to about 100 companies of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCHG) located in Japan and in overseas countries of Asia-Pacific region. To promptly support 32,000 employees, they count on ISL Online remote desktop software.

We have reached out to Mr. Koji Okuda, a Group Manager from the ICT Infrastructure Division of MCS, which claims “ISL Online remote desktop is a reliable and responsive tool, essential for MCS to be able to serve such a massive number of users efficiently and solve issues on time”.

Mitsubishi Chemical Team Members

From left to right: Mr. Koji Okuda, ICT Infrastructure Division, ICT Infrastructure Division, Mitsubishi Chemical Systems Corporation, Mr. Yoshihisa Ishimoto, Mr. Ishimoto, Keizo Suzuki, the same department, Mr. Akira Kadonari, Customer Support Department

Supporting 32,000 people, half of all employees of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, Japan’s largest chemical manufacturer, must be a real challenge?
First of all, it is crucial to be well organised and have a team big enough to handle all of the support requests. Then you have to provide your team with the right tools to offer the support and a good remote desktop software plays an imperative role here.

How does ISL Online work out in such scenarios where you have to offer support to a large number of users?
We believe ISL Online has a brilliant licensing model. The Unlimited Corporate Server License, which our company holds, gives us the possibility to run unlimited simultaneous remote desktop sessions, create ISL Online accounts for an unlimited number of supporters, offer support to an unlimited number of clients and install the software on an unlimited number of computers or mobile devices. We don’t have to worry if the number of our operators or clients we support grows, we can handle those with the same license, at no extra cost. This was a real game changer for us.

And from the technical point of view how does it work?
ISL Online is a very reliable and efficient tool. We are very satisfied. That’s why we have introduced ISL Online as a standard remote desktop tool in all of the MCHG companies we support. Before, multiple remote support tools were used.

I see, so it is not only MCS support operators that use ISL Online, but also other IT experts across companies that belong to the MCHG?
That’s correct. We offer remote support with ISL Online on three levels. We provide helpdesk service for employees of MCHG companies. That usually means solving everyday tech issues and ranks as a basic support level. As the only system integrator in the Group, we build core computing systems and business applications for the companies of MCHG and provide advanced remote support for these. Finally, as you concluded, we use ISL Online remote desktop also within the MCHG companies. We have trained their IT personnel so they can troubleshoot some of their local tech issues directly with their employees by using ISL Online.

Three levels of support in Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group

Three levels of support in Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group

MCHG companies are all connected through MCHG Intranet using Virtual Private Network (VPN). How does ISL Online work in such an environment?
ISL Online allowed us to set up a dedicated server within our Intranet. Our supporters, wherever they are, first connect to the MCHG VPN and then start the remote support session with ISL Online without adjusting any connection settings. ISL Online detects when a computer (the end-point) is connected to the Intranet through the VPN and automatically establishes a connection through a secured tunnel. The software is extremely easy to use and fast to connect.

Did you have any other specific requests at the time of purchase?
To better manage the risk and quality of service we wanted the remote desktop solution to have a history log of all remote sessions. ISL Online provides a very nice history report with all the details we need: username, session duration, transferred files etc. In addition, it allows automated session recording.

Mr. Okuda thank you for taking your time and sharing your experience with us and our community.

About Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group
The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group connects 708 subsidiaries which have over 69,000 employees across the whole world. Companies of this large Group provide products and services based on chemistry to help solve social and environmental issues. They operate in three main fields: Performance Products, Industrial Materials and Health Care.

About Mitsubishi Chemical Systems
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group considers IT governance as one of the top priorities in order to maximise its business performance and keep the information environment safe. Mitsubishi Chemical Systems has key roles for MCHG achieve those purposes by providing standardised IT infrastructure, managing its global network, and supporting IT issues of group companies in each region through their global IT centres.

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