Remotely support Android TV with ISL Light app

Our latest ISL Light for Android release includes support for Android TV. This means you can remotely connect to an Android TV box with ISL Online remote desktop software, view the Android TV interface and make annotations to point out the issue to its user and help them solve it.

Remote support for Android TV

The new feature of ISL Light for Android app might be very interesting for any company which provides digital TV services. In agreement with a service provider, ISL Online can enable provider’s operators to remotely control the Android TV box in order to troubleshoot technical issues.

Although Android TV has a user-friendly interface, sooner or later an average user stumbles upon a technical issue they can’t resolve on their own. At that point, they turn for help to their provider’s call centre. A tech operator might guide a client over the phone or send a technician over to the site, but without a doubt using remote desktop software is the most efficient and cost-effective way of solving such issues.

How it works?

To be able to receive remote support on an Android TV, the user needs to install the ISL Light for Android app on their TV. The procedure is virtually the same as when you install the same app on an Android mobile phone or tablet.

Install the ISL Light app on Android TV
1. Turn on your Android TV and go to Google Play
2. Search for ISL Light app and install it

Receive remote support
1. Open the ISL Light app on your Android TV
2. Type in the session code a tech operator tells you over the phone

Remote support for Android TV - type in the session code

3. Click “Join Session”. At this point, the remote technician will connect to your TV and will be able to view its screen.

Tech operator views the screen of a remote Android TV

4. Show the technician the issue you have encountered on your Android TV

Offer remote support to an Android TV user
1. Run the ISL Online remote software, either desktop or mobile version
2. Start a new remote support session and pass the unique session code to your client

operator starts a new remote session

3. View the remote Android TV screen and make annotations to guide your client towards the issue resolution

Download the latest ISL Light for Android
Remote support for Android
Release notes

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2 Responses to Remotely support Android TV with ISL Light app

  1. Tomas says:

    For some support cases, Like managed advertising screens or Odroid devices there are a need for access tv without code, like always on. In that case this app not working?

    • barbaraisl says:

      Hi Tomas, at the moment we don’t provide remote access to unattended Android devices. You’re invited to follow our blog and social channels to be informed once we add this feature.

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