ISL Online Partners with Microsoft Japan and SB C&S to Provide Azure-Based Managed Private Cloud Solution for Remote Access to Ease the Adoption of Telework in Japan

ISL Online, in cooperation with their long-time business partner OceanBridge Co., Ltd., established a new partnership with Microsoft Japan and SB C&S (former SoftBank C&S) to offer their secure remote desktop and remote access services as a private cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure instances. The easy-to-use and highly-secure remote access solution is affordable and technologically easy-to-deploy and can perform as an efficient telework opportunity.

ISL Online visits SB C&S head office in Tokyo.

ISL Online and OceanBridge CEOs visiting SB C&S head offices in Tokyo.

“Partnering with corporations such as Microsoft Japan and SB C&S, the second-largest publicly-traded company in Japan after Toyota, means a lot to ISL Online and helps a continuous and confident growth of our Japanese market, which is one of our key business goals,” points out Jure Pompe, CEO at ISL Online.

“SB C&S is a renowned company and we are happy to have them as a partner. With their vast reseller network, we expect to increase the number of ISL Online licenses sold by 10-20% in the next year,” believes Inoue Tomoyuki from OceanBridge.

“I am very happy to launch ISL Online Private Cloud for Azure with OceanBridge.  The Japanese government promotes teleworking; while at the same time, security and high capital investment costs present noticeable difficulties for companies. We believe that it will be possible to provide a more secure and economical environment by leveraging Microsoft Azure services, which will lead to the promotion of telework adoption,” observes Nobuyoshi Sugano, Head of MD Division at SB C&S.

Remote access makes telework possible

24th July, 2 days ago, was telework day in Japan. The Japanese government launched this special day two years ago as a part of a workstyle reform initiative to encourage Japanese companies and other organizations nationwide to get their employees to work outside the office—from their home, a cafe or a satellite office, in an effort to reduce congestion in mass-transit systems and soften a notoriously rigid work culture. For companies that decide to introduce teleworking, the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry aims to increase the rate of businesses allowing their employees to telework to 30%, and ISL Online presents a viable alternative to costly and technologically demanding VPN or VDI infrastructure.

What do you get with Managed Private Cloud Remote Access?

As part of the partnership with SB C&S, ISL Online will offer their Managed Private Cloud License (MPC) in Microsoft Azure environments. With MPC, a company gets instant access to a secure, single-tenant remote desktop solution that works 24/7. The ISL Online and OceanBridge teams set up, configure, monitor and manage the system, so the client company does not need to invest hardware or human resources (sysops). It’s a cost-effective, turnkey solution tailored to unique business needs. It allows all employees of a company to access their work computers remotely from home or anywhere.

An MPC license comes with “premium 24/7 support along with possibilities of OEM customizations and integrations into existing systems such as ITSM, CRM or ERP” adds Pompe.

ISL Online MPC Scheme

ISL Online MPC allows an unlimited number of users, simultaneous connections and installations. MPC uses practically the same technology as the ISL Online Network and as such guarantees almost 100% fault tolerance, stability, reliability, an active-active backup, clever load balancing and high data security.

“Microsoft Japan is announcing a telework and helpdesk solution that uses Microsoft Azure to host the ISL Online Managed Private Cloud solution. We expect that this service, provided by OceanBridge and ISL Online, will help corporations improve productivity and contribute to their business development. In collaboration between SB C&S and OceanBridge, Microsoft Japan will continue to make efforts to ensure that more customers can re-engineer business practices through the Microsoft Cloud, ” commented Taeko Yamamoto, Executive Office, Senior Director Enterprise Marketing Lead at Microsoft Japan.

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