ISL Online expands remote control to LG Android devices

We have released the add-on for ISL Light Remote Desktop app for Android. You are now able to remotely control an LG smartphone or tablet from your PC or Mac and provide efficient technical support to mobile device users.

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Control an LG mobile device remotely

How do you control an LG device remotely?

If you want to control a remote LG device, your client needs to download and install the ISL Light app for Android on their LG device.

Download ISL Light for Android

The ISL Light app will then automatically invite your client to download the ISL Light Add-On: LG. The full remote control of a mobile LG device will work only with this add-on installed.

Download ISL Light Add-On for LG

Instruct your client to download the ISL Light Add-On: LG if you want to take full control of their mobile device.


















Once they have both apps installed on their LG device, you will be able to connect to an LG device and control it remotely. Start an ISL Light remote support session on your computer and instruct your client to:

  1. Start the ISL Light app
  2. Type in the session code
  3. Click “Join session”
Type a remote session code into your mobile device

Remote client types in the session code and connects to a remote session.

Remote control an Android device

The operator takes control of a remote mobile device.

Chat with a client during mobile device support session

The client and the operator can chat during a remote support session.












































How do you uninstall the ISL Light Add-on for LG?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Search for the ISL Light Add-on. Look for the Android icon and not the ISL Light one.
  4. Uninstall it
Uninstall ISL Light Add-on for LG

The add-on will not appear on your screen as a regular app. You can find it under Apps in Settings. It carries an Android icon beside.

















Fast remote support for all Android devices

ISL Light for Android, included in the ISL Online license at no extra cost, is a powerful mobile app which allows you to offer mobile device support to all Android devices. The full remote control feature is available for LG, Samsung and some other Android devices. You can view the screen of any Android device and guide your client through a support process with pointers and screenshots.

Remotely access and control computers with your Android device

As an operator, you can use your Android mobile device to offer remote support on the go when you are not behind your computer. With ISL Light mobile app you can easily connect to any remote computer (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and either efficiently troubleshoot technical problems, or remotely access one or more unattended computers to monitor them, install updates, perform a periodical check-up and other maintenance tasks.

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