ISL Online receives the highest score in the c’t independent remote desktop software review

In its independent remote support software review, c’t magazine, the computer magazine with the most subscribers in Europe gives the highest score to ISL Online.  The c’t journalist, Jan Schüßler, points out its ease of use and rich functionalities: »Connection setup and operation are uncomplicated and the functionality is convincing. ISL Online makes it easy for the user looking for help.«

c't remote desktop test

c’t – Magazin für Computertechnik (Magazine for Computer Technology) is a German computer magazine with a sold circulation of about 315,000. With 241,000 subscriptions it is the computer magazine with the most subscribers in Europe.

When it comes to remote assistance, there are a lot of software programs available but not all the options are viable to commercial users. c’t decided to closely inspect various programs and found great differences among them.

Based on strict criteria, eight remote desktop products qualified for the review and were tested by professionals at the c’t magazine: ISL Online, AnyDesk, pcvisit, Remote Utilities, LogMeIn RescueAssist, Nanosystems SupRemo, TeamViewer and VNC Connect from RealVNC.

c’t magazine was testing remote software products for their:

  • Settings, such as switching off background image, adjustable transmission quality and adjustable proxy.
  • Connectivity features, such as chat, videoconferencing, file sharing, sending Ctrl+Alt+Del, drawing on the screen, common clipboard and transfers, standard connection with admin rights, etc.
  • Administration, such as address book for saved connections, invitation email generator, unsupervised access, branding possibility, recording sessions as a video, connection log, team administration, landing URL for ad hoc clients and procedure for the end customer (in standard configuration).

In the end, ISL Online was the only software that received a maximum of two pluses (very good) in both categories: Comfort for remote clients and Functional scope.

The full results and ratings of a comprehensive independent remote desktop software test are presented in the November issue of c’t magazine. Read the full article.

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About ISL Online

ISL Online is a pioneer in the remote desktop support industry. Since 2003, ISL Online has been providing remote control software to IT professionals and helpdesk technicians in more than 100 countries, notably owning market share in Japan. Delivered via cloud or on-premises, ISL Online allows users to access and control Windows, Mac and Linux computers as well as mobile devices to provide ad hoc technical support and remote management.

About c’t Magazine

c’t magazine for computer technology, founded in 1983, is the largest IT magazine in Europe. It is one of the most reliable and respected sources of information for anyone interested in the development of IT, ranging from sophisticated users to gamers and data centre professionals to IT leaders and investment deciders. c’t magazine provides the foundation for private and professional expertise and purchase decisions with independent cross-platform product tests, useful practice reports, background information and fundamental articles.

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