ISL Online remote desktop services: 99.9846% uptime in 2019

Performing at an excellent 99.9846% uptime in 2019, ISL Online, once again, delivered a high degree of reliability for businesses using their remote desktop software as a service. ISL Online’s public cloud, which consists of over 90 servers worldwide, hosted millions of remote support and remote access sessions with a cumulative downtime of only 81 minutes throughout the year.

ISL Online Uptime 2019

ISL Online guarantees 99.95% uptime within the Service Level Agreement (SLA). According to the uptime reports, the average availability of ISL Online’s remote desktop services was 99.9828% over the past 10 years.

In 2019, ISL Online’s incident management system recorded a total of 14 minor outages and the cumulative downtime of 81 minutes. If you average it out for the whole year, it comes out just shy of seven minutes per month. The availability interruptions are all related to the webpage downtime (, while the service network, hosted on a separate set of servers (, has performed at 100% in 2019. Great reliability, maximum security and automatic updates are among the most important reasons why thousands of companies worldwide use ISL Online software to provide remote technical support to their clients.

ISL Online Downtime 2019

ISL Online finished the year 2019 with less than 1.5 hours of downtime.

“ISL Online heavily invests in a robust, secure and scalable cloud infrastructure to host remote desktop sessions. We work hard to deliver the best remote support and remote access services to our users worldwide. We are proud to maintain an uptime close to class 4 (99.9828%) over the past 10 years,” said Jure Pompe, CEO of ISL Online.

How to achieve a 100% uptime?

You could say “there’s no such thing as a 100% uptime”. And you’d be right. One can never guarantee a 100% uptime. Yet, our results from the last few years show that we manage to deliver 100% uptime of the ISL Online Network (, which powers ISL Online cloud-based services.

The ISL Online Network consists of over 90 dedicated servers hosted in professional and industry-proven data centres around the world. If there is a partial failure, the global cloud network instantly redirects and redistributes the sessions to the second-best server around, ensuring that users can continue their work without interruptions.

ISL Online Network consists of 90 servers

In 2019, we maintained the network of over 90 ISL Online servers located on all continents except Antarctica.

Improved website stability and page load speed

“We are continuously working on delivering the best user experience in all fields. In 2019, we successfully applied a new load balancing technology to our website backend systems. This should ensure even better fault tolerance, greater stability and faster performance of our services,” explained Jure Pompe.

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