ISL Light Remote Desktop Recognized as Remote Support Software with Great User Experience by Gartner Digital Markets and other B2B Review Platforms

ISL Online is the proud recipient of Gartner Digital Markets Best Ease of Use badge 2020. Out of several hundred software products, for the second year in a row, verified reviewers recognized ISL Online software as impactful to their business. In addition, CompareCamp, granted ISL Online the Great User Experience Award.

Capterra badge

“Remote support operators are constantly solving problems. Effective and intuitive remote support software is the key when it comes to allowing agents to spend less time trying to get connected with a client and more time on what really matters – supporting their clients. That’s why we dedicate a lot of our time and attention to making our software super user-friendly. We’re inspired to be recognized as easiest-to-use remote desktop software for the second consecutive year,” says Jure Pompe, CEO at ISL Online.

Below you will find a couple of recent reviews from our customers. If you are interested to read more reviews, you’re welcome to read them all here.

“When you need to provide support or remote access (attended or unattended) it is a simple solution, easy to use, several alternatives to grant access in variety of OS’s and circumstances and cost competitive. It isn’t cluttered with functions that may work in some cases but in others are completely unnecessary.”

(Alejandro, IT Executive Office, 51-200 employees)

“I find it’s easy for my usually non-computer-literate clients to connect to me when needed. They can follow the directions and get me connected. I discovered this just as COVID-19 was causing my business to switch to a remote-support model. I was not happy with the alternatives. I like that there’s a big blinking arrow telling the client where to click.”

(Bruce C. President, Computer & Network Security, 1-10 employees)

ISL Online’s robust and enterprise-grade remote access tools easily made experts pick it as a prime remote support software at CompareCamp business software directory. To access the full review of ISL Light Remote Desktop tools and features, please visit CompareCamp.

Great User Experience Award

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About ISL Online

ISL Online is a pioneer in the remote desktop support industry. Since 2003, ISL Online has been providing remote desktop software to IT professionals and helpdesks in more than 100 countries, notably owning a market share in Japan. Delivered via cloud or on-premises, ISL Online allows users to access and control Windows, Mac and Linux computers plus mobile devices to provide ad hoc technical support and remote management.

About Gartner Digital Markets and Capterra

The Gartner Digital Markets network, a part of which is also Capterra, has more than 1 million verified user reviews spanning its 750+ software categories. Their sites’ Best badges synthesize those reviews to recognize users’ most highly-rated products in a given software category. Best badges signal to buyers that a software is backed by crowd-sourced approval — all based on positive, verified reviews and strong feedback from real users. For more information, visit

About CompareCamp

CompareCamp is a transparent business software directory that houses experts from different industries dedicated to helping individuals make informed and intelligent business decisions. CompareCamp reviews are for different software currently available in the market that go through a neutral and specialized scoring system that zones in on a product’s value for money, ease of use, and overall features.

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