Updated ISL Light brings upgraded multi-monitor support and many other improvements

ISL Light provides a powerful remote support and remote access tool. With the latest release we have provided an improved multi-monitor support feature, which now allows you to see remote monitors in separate windows and easily toggle between them. Enhancements in the graphical user interface have been made, the possibility to change the owner of a remote computer has been added and much more.

Multi-monitor support with ISL Light

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Support a Remote Desktop with Multiple Monitors

If you’re using ISL Light, this is a feature you are already familiar with, but it has been considerably improved by adding the multi-window view.

Whenever you were trying to connect to a remote computer that had more than one monitor, the icon for multi-monitor support would appear in your ISL Light toolbar. Now, a new Multiple Window icon appears right beside the first one.

Step 1: Click the Multiple Window icon

Multi-window support with ISL Light

Step 2: View monitors in their own window.

If you are using two or more monitors, you can distribute the windows showing the remote monitors across your own monitors to have a better overview. You can drag & drop applications, files or folders across two windows.

If you want to switch back to a single window click the Multiple Window icon again.

Multiwindow support with ISL Light

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Currently, you can view multiple remote monitors in multi-windows when you are accessing an unattended remote computer using the latest ISL AlwaysOn.

Pass a computer from your list to another user

In a situation when you no longer need access to one or more computers from your remote computers list, you can transfer the ownership of a computer to another user. Once you change the owner, the selected computer will disappear from your list of computers and you will no longer have access. On the other side, the user you determined as the owner will see this computer on their list and be able to access it by typing in the password, which you have to share with them.

How to change the owner of a computer

GUI redesign for even greater efficiency

We have split the Settings and Tools into two separate icons to offer a better overview and faster access to desired features. Under settings you will find all the settings which define viewing and performance characteristics of an active session which you usually set once per session. These include speed and quality optimization, viewing options and toolbar position. Under Tools you can enable Administrative mode, set unattended access during a remote session and request a black screen.

Tools and Settings in ISL Light remote support session

Transfer session faster

During an ISL Light session you have the option to transfer the session to another user, a colleague in your tech team. To do so, copy the URL of the session or send it via email. To make this passage faster, the new ISL Light now opens a “Transfer session” dialog directly in the application and does not redirect you to your email, unless you specifically request to. 

Transfer a remote support session

Set position and size of the ISL Light application

The new ISL Light remembers the last position and size of the application. Once you close ISL Light, the next time you open it, the application window will pop up exactly where you left it.

What else is new?

  • New icons on your remote computer list indicate that a computer on a list belongs to a group of computers. The icons are positioned under each computer. Click on it to see which group the computer belongs to. A computer that doesn’t belong to any of your groups will not show this icon. 
  • You can now set the remote computer to lock down in case the network gets lost, either on the client or operator’s side.
  • The keyboard layout is now remembered, and it allows more effective keyboard detection and performance.

There were many other changes in the newest ISL Light. Read the full release notes for the latest ISL Light.

Download ISL Light


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