Konica Minolta provides its channel sales partners with ISL Online remote desktop solution

Konica Minolta has been providing remote support to its direct customers for years. They solve 80% of all issues remotely with ISL Online. More than 70,000 remote sessions were held in 2019 alone. Based on this vast positive experience, Konica Minolta has worked with ISL Online to develop a remote service solution for its re-sellers and distributors.

remote support join page

In partnership with ISL Online Konica Minolta has developed a fully customised solution – Konica Minolta Remote Service. Their customers can join a remote support session via a simple join portal.

Through the years, ISL Online and Konica Minolta have developed a trustful and successful partnership, which has resulted in a fully customised remote support solution tailored to Konica Minolta’s business needs. Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe now provides Konica Minolta Remote Service solution for its re-seller and distributor partners in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Clients can remotely resolve customers’ issues and address any questions regarding their Konica Minolta printing devices.

remote support operator login

Operators log in with their credentials and start a remote support or a remote access session instantly.

Working with ISL Online makes it possible for us to provide our dealers with this solution at a very competitive price. Branded in a Konica Minolta design, the appearance of the remote service solution reflects the authenticity of this solution to our dealers’ customers. COVID-19 precautions have demonstrated an additional value of remote service solutions. The benefits extend way beyond that, however. Independent of their location, many customer inquiries or issues can be quickly addressed and resolved remotely, minimising business interruptions for them. Such fast reaction times are crucial to maintaining a good relationship with the customer,” said Jörg Sitzlack, Technical Manager IT Managed Services at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH.

How does it work?

1. Start a new session

Konica Minolta operator runs “Konica Minolta Remote Support” application for Windows, Mac or Linux to start a new support session.

Start a session

2. Share a session code

The operator asks their client to join a session by entering a unique session code.

Share a session code

3. Control the remote desktop

A client joins a session and shares the screen of their computer or mobile device with the operator, who then can control the remote desktop and solve issues easily.

Control remote desktop

First feedback: It’s intuitive and very easy to use

Using the ISL Online screen share solution, remote administration as well as remote service are possible both via the web or a dedicated app. Spazio Ufficio is one of 52 re-sellers and distributors from 20 countries that were part of Konica Minolta’s pilot launch phase.

The software is very fast and easy to use, so in many cases we can resolve the issue directly. The intuitive and very simple graphical interface, together with the option of being able to register while providing remote assistance is very convenient. Functions like the pointer and highlighter tools are very useful for us and help accelerate our issue resolution for our customers and save us valuable time,” explains Nico Ambruosi, Technician at Spazio Ufficio.

In this article we sum up the press release that Konica Minolta distributed in September 2020. Read Konica Minolta original press release to find out more

For more information about the Konica Minolta business case, read the success story – Optimising customer support.


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