Uptime 2020: ISL Online remote desktop services guarantee four-nines of availability

In 2020 ISL Online performed at an outstanding 99.9922% uptime. In times when we have witnessed a soaring demand for connectivity and the importance of services running without interruptions was greater than ever, ISL Online delivered reliable and secure remote desktop services and allowed its users efficient remote work.  

ISL Online has been publicly reporting its uptime since 2010. By delivering the four-nines uptime in 2020, they have confidently surpassed their 11-years average uptime.

An uptime of 99.9922 percent means that ISL Online’s service was intact and available worldwide throughout the year, with the exception of 41 minutes of partial web downtime, with a single outage never lasting more than 6 minutes. With excellent availability of ISL Online services in 2020, we have increased the level of average 11-year availability to 99.9837%.

It is important to note that downtime does not imply all services are unreachable. All downtime incidents were related to ISL Online website availability, while the ISL Online remote desktop services running on the ISL Online global network were 100% functional and did not experience a single second of downtime. This means that all our users worldwide were able to run remote sessions, access remote computers, work remotely and provide remote support without interruption throughout the year.

ISL Online ended the year with 40 minutes less downtime than 2019, and nearly four hours less downtime than the guaranteed SLA.

The challenges of 2020 required the most reliable and robust infrastructure

2020 was an unusual year, to say the least, and was certainly full of challenges. With stay-at-home orders, there was an increased influx of new users of remote access services. At the same time we saw a soaring demand and usage of ISL Online services by our existing customers.

“We know that customers around the globe rely on our services. Because of this, we provide Service Level Agreements to all of our customers in order to guarantee the minimum uptime threshold. This year, with a global crisis that has left businesses and people even more dependent on our services, we felt an even greater responsibility to deliver excellent availability results. We are proud to have delivered the four-nines uptime,” says Jure Pompe, CEO at ISL Online.

At ISL Online we will continue to invest and build an ever more reliable infrastructure, that now consists of 106 servers located worldwide and connected into a solid and performant network, hosting millions of remote desktop sessions each year. 

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