ISL Online is the Best Overall Remote Desktop Software according to Investopedia

We are super excited to announce that ISL Online has been ranked as the best overall remote desktop software of 2021 by Investopedia! The Investopedia team picked ISL Online as the winning remote desktop software because of its ease of use for both customers and remote workers, cross-platform support, and flexible pricing structure.

“We have been working very hard, especially in the past year, to deliver the highest quality service and support. In these unprecedented times, we have worked hand in hand with our customers trying to be as responsive as possible, hearing out their requests and difficulties they are facing. This ongoing process helps us form a better remote desktop product and it is an honour for us that Investopedia, an independent and trustworthy website, has recognized ISL Online as the best overall remote desktop in their unbiased product review,” explains Jure Pompe, the CEO of ISL Online.

Why ISL Online is the best remote desktop software?

Here are the reasons mentioned by Investopedia that make ISL Online remote desktop stand out and classify it as the top remote desktop product.

ISL Online is easy to use.

Using remote desktop software should be very simple. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to set up a remote support session and connect to a remote computer or server.  Ease of use is a key competitive advantage of ISL Online. ISL Online users give the product top ratings when it comes to this feature. Based on user reviews, ISL Online has earned Capterra’s Best ease of use badge in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

ISL Online offers efficient remote support with essential features at your fingertips.

ISL Online allows cross-platform support.

ISL Online allows technicians to run remote desktop sessions regardless of the differences in operating system of the local and remote devices. ISL Online users can access any computer or Android, iOS or Windows phone from a Windows, Mac or Linux computer or mobile device.

ISL Online offers flexible pricing structure.

Users appreciate ISL Online’s transparent pricing, which is easy to understand and with no hidden costs that might pop up once it is time to update the software. ISL Online’s yearly license includes all updates and upgrades and all mobile apps at no extra cost. With one license you get everything you need for remote support, unattended remote access, and mobile device support.

One ISL Online license allows you to create user accounts for as many technicians you would like within your main admin account and connect to unlimited remote computers. The only thing you must know is that with one license you can run one simultaneous remote session. Basically, you need to figure out how many simultaneous sessions you usually run in your rush hour and that is the answer to how many ISL Online licenses you need.

ISL Online offers a 15-day free trial, so you can try ISL Online before you buy.

ISL Online provides cloud-based and on-premise solution.

Most remote desktop users decide for the Software as a Service option. With the cloud solution the only thing you need to do is to create an ISL Online account and the next moment you can connect to a remote computer and offer support. It is easy and fast. However, there are some companies, usually bigger enterprises with very high security standards, that prefer the self-hosted solution installed on their own servers. That is why ISL Online offers also a self-hosted plan. The prevailing considerations for big corporations deciding in favour of the on-premise solution are more control over the system and data, as well as rich customisation options, especially in the security field. There is another plan, designed for bigger enterprises, that combines the advantages of both solutions, easiness of use and highest privacy measures and it is called Managed Private Cloud.

Learn more about the cloud and self-hosted plans

You are welcome to read the full Remote Desktop Software review prepared by Investopedia research team. In their review process, Investopedia maintains strict independence between the editorial process by which products and services are evaluated and the development of financial relationships by the sales staff who have no influence over the resulting scores and rankings.

Read the complete Investopedia review

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