ISL Online was not compromised by the recent VSA Security Incident

We are receiving many questions about the recent cyberattack that affected some Kaseya customers on July 2, 2021. We fully understand your concern and realize that with every incident like this, the importance of cybersecurity comes to the fore.

We would like to assure our users that ISL Online software was NOT AFFECTED IN ANY WAY by the VSA Security Incident.

However, situations like this are always a good reminder of how important it is to always use the latest version of any software or operating system in general. At ISL Online we take security very seriously. We use industry-standard security technologies to protect your data and maintain the strictest security standards. Banks, government bodies and global brands choose ISL Online because of our high level of security. We are constantly monitoring cyberspace, enhancing security measures and applying security patches to respond to cybersecurity threats.

If you are a Hosted Service (SaaS) user, you are always using the latest version of ISL Online software as our team is monitoring and managing the cloud infrastructure for you.

If you are a Server License user, we recommend that you keep your ISL Conference Proxy up to date and follow security best practices.

How to update your ISL Conference Proxy

We recommend that all of our users enable two-factor authentication and take a closer look at the security measures and features of ISL Online.

We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and keep you updated as new and relevant information emerges.

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