A big car dealership group saves 2000 man-hour per year with ISL Online

Grupo Fame has more than 50 car dealerships spread across Michoacán, Querétaro and Mexico City in Mexico. The leading car dealership needed a solution that would enable it to provide immediate and efficient support to all users in the organization and keep its IT services up to date via remote management. Such a solution needed to be reliable, cost-effective and seamlessly support all major platforms.

We contacted Hazael Olivares, IT Manager at Grupo Fame to find out more.

You were using a competitive solution prior to the launch of ISL Online Remote Desktop Software. What was the turning point, why did you switch?

That’s right, in fact our support teams previously relied on various remote solutions. As our business grew – our service desk typically supports 60 users per day and sets up around 22,000 sessions over the course of the year – we needed a powerful enterprise solution that could provide secure and reliable unattended remote access to all support teams across the group.

What has changed since you replaced other remote access solutions with ISL Online?

With ISL Online, we have unified our support processes. Now all support teams use the same solution and there is no room for confusion. We have increased the efficiency and security of our support services.

What makes ISL Online the winning solution?

The great thing about ISL Online is that it allows us to install unattended remote access to an unlimited number of computers. This saves us a lot of money!

Can you estimate how much you saved?

Well, I can say that since we started using ISL Online, we have saved about 2,000 man-hours per year.

The IT department can manage any device on any platform regardless of geographic location and provide immediate remote support when the system needs troubleshooting or is compromised.

So you have significantly increased productivity with ISL Online?

Absolutely, we have seen a huge impact on productivity. Not only have we improved our support processes, as mentioned earlier, but the end users have proven to be the real winners. Their productivity has increased because their issues are being resolved in record time.

How long did it take for supporters to get used to ISL Online, since they were previously using a different solution?

We were surprised at how easy and quick the transition to ISL Online was. Within a few days, our service desk team started working with the solution as if they had been using it for years.

What types of issues do you typically resolve with ISL Online?

We handle various user issues that revolve around Document Management System (DMS), email setup, printer configurations, domain issues, and firewall policies, among others. Critical to us is the unattended access that allows support technicians to connect to any problematic computer with a single click and resolve user issues immediately.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The company ISL Online offered us a few weeks of free service during the COVID -19 situation, which was a great help as any kind of financial savings was welcome. I would like to thank the team at ISL Online for this.

Mr. Olivares thank you for taking your time and sharing your experience with us and our community.

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