PC Pro: 4 out of 5 stars and a recommended badge for ISL Online

According to PC Pro, the UK’s leading monthly IT magazine, ISL Online is an easy-to-manage remote desktop software that offers tight access security and great mobile support. In an independent review, the experts on the PC Pro editorial team gave ISL Online a 4 out of 5 star rating and awarded it a PC Pro Recommended badge.

“We are honoured that PC Pro magazine has included ISL Online in their latest independent comparison review of remote desktop solutions. The very positive feedback and high rating from the experts is an important recognition of our teamwork!” Jure Pompe, the CEO of ISL Online, shows his appreciation.

With their authoritative reviews PC Pro expert journalists enable millions of IT professionals to make their technical decisions easier. At ISL Online, they have highlighted:

  • An uncluttered web console that’s easy to navigate
  • The top bar of the technician console, which offers a wealth of support features
  • The reassuringly high level of security, which can be further enhanced by enabling 2FA
  • The outstanding support for mobile devices (they tested ISL Online on the iPad).

Read a full PC Pro review on their web portal ITPro.

About PC Pro

PC Pro is the UK’s number one IT monthly magazine, keeping readers up to date with the latest technological developments since 1994.

About ISL Online

ISL Online remote desktop software allows users to instantly access and control any computer or mobile device over the Internet to provide technical support to remote customers or manage systems remotely. Since 2003, this software has been delivered worldwide via the cloud or on-premise.

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