ISL Online year in review: a look back on milestones made in 2021

The year 2021 was an eventful one, and worth taking a look at. Not only has it brought to light the need for advanced attention to IT security, it also stirred up the continued uptake of remote support software. As we wrap up the year, we’d like to share some of the highlights of 2021.

This year, more customers contacted our support team and gave us encouraging feedback. For you we are ready to go beyond our limits and deliver even more innovative solutions. Why? To empower you to provide professional remote support to your customers and employees. Thank you for your trust in our remote access software. With your help, ISL Online has had an exceptional year!

Great user feedback

We listen to our customers. For us, you are the most important driver of our business, and we appreciate you for that. Thanks to your feedback, we better understand what you need in terms of new features and embark on delivering the same.    

We received more than 90 new reviews on software review portals this year, and we read them all. Thank you for your support and great feedback! It helps us to develop better software.

Review ISL Light now

We have listened to your need for clear guidance on our solutions and so we created the Popular Topics section. This will help you get started with ISL Light in no time. The quick start guides we created in 2021 contain a wealth of helpful resources and tips. The pages include straightforward explanations of the most commonly used features, with screenshots in non-technical language.

Have a look

Top new features

In 2021, we reached key milestones to bring you exciting new features that will increase the value of your investment in our solutions. We have made sure these new features are consistent with what you already know about our remote desktop software. Here are the top remote desktop features we have introduced to you in 2021.

File Manager

We released a dual-pane File Manager. With its transparent interface, it allows quick navigation and helps you manage files and folders on a local and remote computer faster and more efficiently.

ISL AlwaysOn for Linux

You asked for it and we delivered. You can now add your Linux remote computers to your list of computers with unattended access and connect to them. ISL AlwaysOn for Linux provides the same functionality as ISL AlwaysOn on macOS and Windows systems.

Set unattended access via email, link, and session code

With the new “Set Unattended Access” window you can now easily choose your preferred way of setting up unattended access: by email, link or session code. Moreover, in this window you can add custom tags to the computer and prepare custom links. For example, you can select the target group to which the computer should be added.

Set RDP/SSH as the default connection

With ISL Online, you can route Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Secure Shell (SSH) sessions between your local computer and unattended computers running in the remote network without using a VPN or making any firewall changes.

Now you can set the option to connect to a remote computer via RDP or SSH as default. This means that the next time you click on a selected remote computer, the RDP/SSH dialog box will open and you will not have to search for the RDP connection in the drop-down menu.

These are some more popular new features, but 2021 brought many more features and improvements that you might want to know about.

Read more about the new features in 2021

Achievements we are proud of

We could not be prouder of what we have accomplished in 2021. Our team spirit, continuous innovation, and customer-centric business model have caught the attention of big names in the industry, and they have recognized us. ​
From the Red Dot Award to Investopedia, we have every reason to be proud of ourselves, to name a few:

#1: ISL Online won a Red Dot Award for its Interface and User Experience Design. Learn more

#2: ISL Online was ranked by Investopedia as the best overall remote desktop software of 2021. Learn more

#3: Recommended by PC Pro Magazine. Learn more

The team

The pandemic may have hit us hard, reducing the number of people in the office as many still work from home, but our team stayed connected. We implemented the necessary technologies and processes to keep our team working even when they were out of the office.

However, due to the pandemic it has not been possible to hold our traditional gatherings and team-building exercises, but we have by no means given up on bringing our team together as often as possible, following all health guidelines. This is essential for keeping our team spirit strong and alive.

We did not miss out on the 2021 masquerade. The city’s momentum was generally low in February due to pandemic-related restrictions, but that did not hinder us from making our office lively. Many of us came in and replaced our face masks with masquerade masks and dressed up as Spiderman, Unicorns and other real or fictional heroes.

Fresh new offices

Our team spirit could not be any higher with the newly redesigned and renovated offices. The new workspace was designed with openness, fluidity and connectivity in mind, making it easy for team members to collaborate and share ideas.

The floor plan eliminates blocking walls and incorporates multifunctional cabinets. All elements are unified in design, with each offering a unique perspective.

For the uniqueness of the redesigned offices, we were honoured with the Open House Slovenia Award – an award given by the general public to authors, owners and builders for architectural achievements and landscape projects.

Celebrating 20 years!

20 years ago, we started professional development of remote desktop software and during this time we gained immense skills and experience in the industry. It has been an amazing and satisfying journey. Every team member is proud to have played an important role along the way and has been celebrating since the beginning of the year. We recognised everything we have accomplished so far as a team with a big celebration in June. 

As we look to the future, we want to develop more innovative ideas that will continue to set us apart. We recognise that every small action contributes to our overall success.

In conclusion, ​2021 was an exciting year for ISL Online in every way. We thank you, our customers and business partners, from the bottom of our hearts for your unwavering support and look forward to another exciting year. Let us celebrate 2022 together!

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