A guide to remote desktop services in a Managed Private Cloud (MPC)

In recent years, we have seen an uplift in demand for managed private cloud services, particularly in large enterprises and corporations. These companies are typically not keen to share cloud resources with other organizations. In this case, your resources and time are best invested into ISL Online’s Managed Private Cloud (MPC) platform, designed as a single-tenant remote desktop solution – perfect for large enterprises.

MPC is a perfect combination of independence and control of a dedicated environment, and enhanced security, power, redundancy, and ease of use of a public cloud.

Any organization, especially large ones, understands that efficiency must be at the core of all their functions and processes to increase profit and growth potential. When it comes to a large amount of sensitive data, you cannot help but contemplate the idea of adopting a private cloud. However, this comes with its own set of challenges. First, you must assess whether you have the required skills to adopt and implement an automated cloud infrastructure system. There is also the challenge of venturing into unfamiliar territories.

One thing is certain, however: if you do not want to invest in hardware and do not want to perform system administration, the best solution is ISL Online Managed Private Cloud. This gives you instant access to a secure, single-tenant remote desktop solution that works 24/7 and is maintained by ISL Online’s team of experts. Its many features include full customisation and integration with existing systems such as ITSM, CRM or ERP along with 100% protection of your data.

A brief description of remote desktop software and its features

In simple terms, remote desktop software allows someone to access and operate a computer from any location i.e., remotely. Technicians at a company can provide technical support to remote clients and access unattended computers from anywhere. The remote connection allows the technician to see and control the screen of the remote device on their computer in real-time. ISL Online remote support service is effortless to use and ideal for work-from-home setups.

For businesses, using remote desktop software is more cost-effective than constant travel to resolve technical issues on-site.

ISL Light is a secure and reliable remote desktop application that allows IT technicians to support their customers or access unattended computers. 

What is a Managed Private Cloud (MPC), who needs it and how does it work?

With a Managed Private Cloud (MPC), companies save themselves the trouble of installing and operating additional hardware and running data centre operations. A reliably secure IT infrastructure, such as that provided by ISL Online, allows client organizations and enterprises to focus solely on the core applications that are critical to their business.  

Managed Private Cloud technology is on par with the ISL Online Network, a global public cloud that hosts millions of remote desktop sessions annually and guarantees a highly available service with 99.99% uptime.  Two or more servers are connected into a corporate Internet communications network. Systems are often hosted either on Public Infrastructure as a Service, providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure or in private data centres if the customer prefers.

MPC combines the benefits of a cloud remote desktop service with the independence and privacy of an on-premises solution by hosting data and applications on a dedicated infrastructure.  Such a system guarantees almost 100% fault tolerance, stability, reliability, active-active backup, smart load balancing and high data security.

Benefits of Managed Private Cloud (MPC)

Traditional MPC users such as banks, government agencies, large service providers and telecommunications companies benefit from the high availability system. MPC gives users complete control over the privacy and security features of their remote desktop service.

Additionally, MPC comes with a wide range of customization capabilities to allow for modified functionality and complete application rebranding. The remote desktop service can be adapted to changing customer needs and network constraints.

Scalability is yet another benefit of MPC. Combined with the extensive customization features, scalability allows this service to handle any increased usage by simply allocating more resources. MPC is ideal for all businesses, from medium-sized all the way up to large multinational corporations.

What do you get with ISL Online Managed Private Cloud?

On-Demand Scalability
Depending on business needs, operations can be scaled up or down to the desired levels of an organization. The most basic MPC version provides ten concurrent remote support sessions and can scale up to unlimited concurrent sessions. All MPC users have access to an unlimited number of technicians, hosts, clients, and workstations.

24/7 Premium Support and Management
ISL Online brings a wealth of experience and expertise in cloud maintenance and management to ensure hassle-free operations while providing quality remote desktop solutions 24/7. Swift and quality support is the hallmark of great service. The ISL Online team’s response time and human support are always at your service.

Rich Customization Options
As far as customization and automation features are concerned, there are no limits with MPC. The user has the possibility to perform any of the following actions:

  • Completely redesign the ISL Light application according to your company’s graphics.
  • Change the behaviour of ISL Light.
  • Automate certain tasks and processes.
  • Tailor security measures to your standards.
  • Show or hide the client streaming bar.
  • Determine what happens if ISL Light loses connection to a remote computer.
Users can customize ISL Online remote desktop software by adding their logo, key images, and colors that their customers will quickly recognise and trust. This is basic customization, while the MPC plan includes advanced customization options. 

The MPC plan also offers an OEM conversion to deploy remote control solutions into primary enterprise software such as:

  • IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Latest Upgrades and Updates
ISL Online’s MPC service ensures that you always have the latest upgrades and updates. However, the client company has control over the application of these upgrades and features in the private cloud.

Server Maintenance by the ISL Online Team
You enjoy the agility of the cloud and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our experienced ISL Online team is constantly monitoring the performance and availability of your network.

Highest Security and Privacy of Data
ISL Online MPC service ensures that your business meets the highest standards of data security and privacy. You have control over the security configuration of your remote desktop system.

100% Data Control
Because it is a single-tenancy MPC service, the client company has full control over how data is managed within the support.

MPC vs Public Cloud

Small and medium-sized organizations oftentimes do not need all the features of an MPC. Additionally, the likely rigidity or budgetary constraints in most of these organizations may prevent a continuous subscription to a full MPC service. Therefore, an optimal solution would be a more affordable Cloud or SaaS (Software as a Service) license, which is our best-selling license. The Cloud service is hosted on the ISL Online Network, which consists of over 100 dedicated servers around the world and guarantees maximum security, 99.99% uptime, scalability and ease of use.

Unlike the Public Cloud, the Managed Private Cloud offers a single-tenant solution. This is a premium version that provides an organization with a customized, secure service tailored only to its needs. Just as with the public cloud, with MPC the organization(s) takes a step back in terms of maintenance as the team at ISL Online takes over.

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