How to choose the best remote support software for your business?

When thinking about your everyday business tools, you need to do your research and not settle for anything but the best. If you search the Internet for remote desktop software, you will find numerous solutions. But which one is the best for you? Here are some simple rules that you (as a business owner) need to follow.

Remote desktop software allows you to control remote computers and mobile devices anywhere in the world from your office.

When choosing remote desktop software for your business, you need to keep in mind that if you cut corners it can cost you dearly. Therefore, choose a software with good references, high security standards, an excellent support team (preferably in your language), user-friendly technology and integration options.

The most important thing of all is security!

Remote support software allows you to connect to a device via the Internet or other network and control it from a remote location. This software is used by both large enterprises and small business tech support teams to troubleshoot technical issues without requiring the technicians to have physical access to the device that needs assistance. At this point, your instincts may be kicking in and you are asking yourself, “If a technician can access my device without physical contact, can someone else? Is the remote support connection secure?” Professional remote access software takes high security measures to ensure the safety of your computer. When choosing remote support software for your organisation, you need to pay special attention to the security features of each software product, including compatibility with your software and hardware.

Professional remote desktop software must provide high security on many levels.

When it comes to protecting your data transmission, you should definitely not expect anything less than AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption. We strongly recommend that you choose remote desktop software that works with your existing firewall and does not require any additional configuration, so you do not compromise your primary security settings. You should also make sure your remote desktop software has two-factor authentication, port filtering and high feature transparency. Read the blog post “18 remote desktop security measures you need to know about” to learn about many other important security features you should consider before purchasing the software.

Once you have all the security questions and concerns addressed, it’s time to think about some of the details that will be of great benefit to your business, such as: ease of use, feature set, white labelling and integration capabilities.

The remote software must be user friendly

Needless to say, no matter how professional the remote support software, if you and your customers are not inclined to use it then it’s all for naught. Make sure the remote support solution you choose is easy to use. The best way to make sure it’s user-friendly is to sign up for a free trial, or read reviews from other customers. ISL Online offers a full-featured 15-day free trial and has been awarded a usability seal for several years in a row based on reviews from remote support software users on the Capterra review platform.

Capterra, a platform powered by Gartner, aggregates ratings in a specific software category once a year to recognize the highest-rated products by users. Based on verified reviews from real users, remote desktop software ISL Online has been awarded the best ease of use badge for several years in a row.

Don’t pay for features you don’t need

Packing light is difficult for many people. Many of us stuff our suitcases full of “just in case” items, even if it’s just for a short trip, paying hefty baggage fees and carrying heavy suitcases. You might fall into a similar trap when choosing your remote desktop software.
Before you buy any software, be clear about your problems and needs, and think carefully about what remote desktop features you and your business really need. That way, you reduce the risk of paying extra for advanced features you don’t actually need.

The true value of a software product is that it neatly packages a right set of features in a very user-friendly way, so that you always have the essential remote support functions at your fingertips.

Here’s a list of remote desktop features that you can use as a guide to get an overview of the essential features that remote desktop software typically includes.

White labelling for more efficient branding

You may raise an eyebrow when you hear white labelling. How can your company benefit from white labelled software? A white label legally allows you to place your brand name, logo, and other design features on another product. Businesses often use products that offer this option because it increases the visibility of their brand and, most importantly, because it allows them to use a professional product under their own name. As an example of software, you can look at the customisation options that ISL Online offers. You can make the software your own by adding your logo, text and colours. With the help of the ISL Online template system, you can make branding changes quickly and easily.

There’s another benefit to a customised remote support app. It looks familiar to your customers and provides a better user experience as well as a higher level of trust.

Benefit from integrating remote support software with your product

Taking it a step further, integration is an option. First, you need to ask yourself a question: Do I need or will I need an integration option? Simply put, system integration is the process of connecting independent software applications together to function as a coordinated whole. If this is something your business can benefit from, make sure you understand how it integrates with other programs and applications before purchasing remote support software. Not all professional remote support software integrates with other software such as ticketing systems. So, make sure that the remote support software you want to buy has this option.

You can make your product exceptional by integrating remote desktop technology with your core product and provide the best service to your customers. With ISL Online, we can make integral changes to the core software itself to meet your specific needs, such as hiding user interface elements and disabling features you do not need. ISL Online provides remote desktop technology for some of the leading remote monitoring and management (RMM) platforms and endpoint security products.

Test the software before buying!

Now you have enough information to create a shortlist of professional and reliable remote support solutions that you think will work best for your technical support team and your customers. Once you have selected your top two or three solutions, be sure to test them out! Even if you have an absolute winner, you should test the software before you buy it. All software vendors usually offer a free trial for a week or two. So, you should have enough time to test everything you need and find a sustainable remote desktop solution for your business that will save you money and time. If ISL Online is on your shortlist, you can try a fully functional version for 15 days.  

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