It’s all about being in the same cloud without ever leaving the office. Sharing your screen, working on remote computers, chatting with website visitors, meeting online; all within our or your private cloud. That’s ISL Online. And more.

So what’s this blog all about? It’s about how to communicate and collaborate with ISL Online software within the ISL Online Cloud; we’d like to bring you behind the scenes, show you the endless possibilities, and debate them with you. It’s about what makes ISL Online one of the leaders on the market. The computer magazine c’t has graded ISL Online remote support software as the best in its category. And there is more to ISL Online than just remote desktop. There are also web conferencing, live chat, and remote access.

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1 Response to About

  1. RMcI54321 says:

    This is a brilliant idea …and it works too!
    The fun bit comes from the expression on the kids faces when they see the PC doing things all by itself.
    It is so simple, stable and even works on 3G.
    The report that absolutely had to go out today but you only remember 5 minute after you leave the office…. No problem!
    Great Tech and a great time saver.

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