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About the GNU C Library (glibc) bug CVE-2015-7547

It has been another interesting week from the security perspective, since most administrators have been busy in the past few days patching the latest vulnerability marked as CVE-2015-7547. It is a buffer overflow in the getaddrinfo() function which is a … Continue reading

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A techie fixes his cousin’s laptop with a black screen using ISL Online remote access

As a remote desktop support software provider, we regularly receive great success stories written by satisfied customers who want to share a remote support case that went exceptionally well. Occasionally, we get a story that stands out, so we wish … Continue reading

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6 Steps to Setup External Authentication for Remote Desktop Users

Updated on April 04, 2022 by Barbara Viskovic If you are a small company, the answer to why use external authentication may not be apparent immediately, but if you are a big company, then you probably know that introducing a … Continue reading

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ISL Pronto Integration Tips and Tricks, part II

Arthur C. Clarke stated that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. One option is to leave it at that “magic level”, but if possible, it is always fun to learn how some magic tricks are performed, right?

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ISL Pronto Integration Tips and Tricks

Time for another post with short & sweet tricks that answer the questions about ISL Online (in this case ISL Pronto) you never knew you wanted to ask, but will be glad to know the answer! This is not one … Continue reading

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