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Arsys resolves 20% support requests with ISL Online

Arsys, the leading Spanish cloud service provider with over 330,000 customers worldwide, introduced ISL Online back in 2010 to improve their customer support service. Convinced by its outstanding price-performance ratio and extensive efforts to implement specially requested advanced functionality, the … Continue reading

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How Effective Your Online Customer Service Really Is

In a busy support centre it can be difficult to point out who is performing better than the others, who can easily handle eight simultaneous chats and who can provide answers before clients even submit their questions. Either way, making … Continue reading

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Do Your Customers Speak a Different Language? Choose Live Chat with Automated Translations

“¡hola”, “Pozdravljeni”, “你好” … How often do you have troubles understanding and assisting your international customers? While finding a local partner might be the best solution for high priority markets, offering a live chat customer service with high quality automated … Continue reading

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ISL Pronto Integration Tips and Tricks, part II

Arthur C. Clarke stated that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. One option is to leave it at that “magic level”, but if possible, it is always fun to learn how some magic tricks are performed, right?

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Instant messenger and live chat software ISL Pronto certified by OPSWAT

The live chat and instant messaging software ISL Pronto is officially certified under the OPSWAT firewall and network appliances operability criteria. Firewalls may now have a “rule set” that says “allow/disallow XLAB ISL Pronto.

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ISL Pronto Integration Tips and Tricks

Time for another post with short & sweet tricks that answer the questions about ISL Online (in this case ISL Pronto) you never knew you wanted to ask, but will be glad to know the answer! This is not one … Continue reading

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Video tutorials for ISL Pronto’ live chat

Since I’ve recently posted some articles on ISL Pronto on this blog, many of you have been in contact with our support guys for extra information. Afterall, is one user manual enough for ISL Pronto enthusiasts? 😉

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