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Kick-Start Business Meetings with Cross-Platform Web Conferencing

Just 2 months after the iOS release, we are proud to announce that our web conferencing software, ISL Groop, has just become a complete cross-platform solution for businesses. We have introduced support for the last major operating system in line, … Continue reading

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Free Web Conferencing with the New Team Hangout

Who hasn’t needed to share screen and do a video conference with friends at one time or another? That is, to either work together on a home study, to quickly share information, videos and photos with friends, or meet online … Continue reading

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VoIP massively improved in new videoconferencing software ISL Groop 2.2

Although I am sure we are all eagerly waiting for the promised remote desktop support tool ISL Light for iPhone and iPad, I have no choice but to keep you in the sweet anticipation for a few days more to … Continue reading

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Web-enable your event with ISL Groop TV

Ever since last month’s first studio appearance when recording a pilot for a new TV talk show Trikotnik (Eng. Triangle), a certain hype has been surrounding ISL Groop also in the world outside IT. But we are not talking about … Continue reading

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TV talk show hosts web audience through ISL Groop’s video conference

Since non-IT folks carry the stigma of not being particularly computer literate, try to imagine a random person behind a TV joining a debate with a TV talk show’s host via a web video conference. Now add a properly working … Continue reading

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Web-Conferencing: Will You Please Just Click to Meet?

Time is precious and businesses all over the world are trying to find ways to save it to enhance productivity. A New York Times article terms meetings as “multi-PowerPoint monster”, a “workday’s black hole”. I couldn’t help but agree vehemently.

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