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Free Web Conferencing with the New Team Hangout

Who hasn’t needed to share screen and do a video conference with friends at one time or another? That is, to either work together on a home study, to quickly share information, videos and photos with friends, or meet online … Continue reading

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Enjoying your cup of coffee?

I was in a dilemma this morning thinking what would be an appropriate welcome back post to all of us who have been enjoying summer holidays during the last hot weeks. Then I came across a post on Wired.com about … Continue reading

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New web conference meeting software ISL Groop 2.3 with enhanced live sharing

The last in line of the second generation software, ISL Groop 2.3 brings a lot of improvements in sharing live content like an application or the whole desktop. Live screen sharing is now not only much faster but more intuitive … Continue reading

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Remote Work as a Way to Motivate Employees

Telecommuting is freeing, less time consuming, affords more flexibility, improves work-life balance, reduces stress and anxiety, and lifts an overall job satisfaction. Above all, people love it. According to a recent Gigaom article What would you give up to keep … Continue reading

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Snowed in, logged in

Living in Canada during the winter can feel like a brutal punishment and at times after a heavy snow fall beefed up with unimaginably strong wind can go beyond humane. Or so it seems to my »sun and warmth addicted« … Continue reading

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ISL Groop: Collaborate To Manage Teams Better

With teams you always achieve more and I am a true believer in working together heading towards a common goal. However, it’s not easy to create sustainable teams. Over the years, I’ve realized that effective teams need a way to … Continue reading

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