Remotely support Android TV with ISL Light app

Our latest ISL Light for Android release includes support for Android TV. This means you can remotely connect to an Android TV box with ISL Online remote desktop software, view the Android TV interface and make annotations to point out the issue to its user and help them solve it.

Remote support for Android TV

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Mitsubishi Chemical Systems trusts ISL Online remote desktop to support 32,000 employees of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group

Mitsubishi Chemical Systems (MCS) provides comprehensive IT technical services to about 100 companies of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCHG) located in Japan and in overseas countries of Asia-Pacific region. To promptly support 32,000 employees, they count on ISL Online remote desktop software.

We have reached out to Mr. Koji Okuda, a Group Manager from the ICT Infrastructure Division of MCS, which claims “ISL Online remote desktop is a reliable and responsive tool, essential for MCS to be able to serve such a massive number of users efficiently and solve issues on time”.

Mitsubishi Chemical Team Members

From left to right: Mr. Koji Okuda, ICT Infrastructure Division, ICT Infrastructure Division, Mitsubishi Chemical Systems Corporation, Mr. Yoshihisa Ishimoto, Mr. Ishimoto, Keizo Suzuki, the same department, Mr. Akira Kadonari, Customer Support Department

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How to customise your remote desktop app for Android

ISL Light, a remote desktop app for Android, now offers advanced customisation which allows you to tailor the app to your specifications in order to best serve your business’ needs. By using predefined customisation files you can change graphical elements, command lines and application settings of the ISL Light app.

Customised Join session screen on Android

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Singtel uses ISL Online software to offer efficient remote support in a low bandwidth environment to their clients at the sea

Singtel, the largest mobile network operator in Singapore, approached ISL Online after hearing a presentation of the remote desktop software their CEO gave on the stage at CommunicAsia event in Singapore. Their request was clear – they needed a snappier and more responsive remote access and support software, as their previous solution didn’t prove reliable on low bandwidth connections and was using up too much data.

We have reached out to Sunil Janardhanan, product developer and senior engineer at Singtel Satellite to tell us more about their specific use case.

Singtel offers remote support at the sea

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Meet ISL Online in Singapore at ConnectTechAsia

ISL Online, creators of remote support, access and helpdesk software used by technology service providers, helpdesks and IT departments in over 100 countries, will exhibit its technology at ConnectTechAsia: the largest B2B ICT event in Asia-Pacific region. ISL Online will be a part of the NXTAsia event, which focuses on technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and more.

Where? Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, #Booth 5J3-09
When? 26 – 28 June 2018

ISL Online will be showcasing at NXTAsia 2018

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ISL Online expands its business network in Japan and launches new remote desktop brands at Japan IT Week

ISL Online, creators of remote support, access and helpdesk software used by technology service providers, helpdesks and IT departments in over 100 countries, has launched a newly branded remote support and remote access software on the Japanese market. This is in collaboration with their business partners OceanBridge Inc. and Santec Corporation. ISL Online, a pioneer in the remote desktop industry, already holds a very strong presence on the Japanese market,but introducing the new products “Online ScreenView” and “Online ScreenAssist” is a new approach represented by Santec.

ISL Online - Santec - OceanBridge team

ISL Online – OceanBridge – Santec team launching Online ScreenView and Online ScreenAssist at the Japan IT Week.

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How will GDPR change remote desktop services?

On 25th May the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect. At ISL Online we have revamped our privacy policy in order to comply with the new set of rules, and more importantly, to give you an even more transparent view on how we deal with your personal data by letting you know what we actually collect, and the controls that you have over your personal data that we keep.

GDPR and remote desktop

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Remotely support iPhone and iPad users via iOS screen sharing

We are proud to present the newest ISL Light for iOS which allows real-time screen sharing in iOS. You can now connect from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer to any iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11 and view the screen of a remote iPhone or iPad device, providing remote support more efficiently than ever.

Download ISL Light for iOS from the App Store

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EasySecure: We wanted a future-proof and no-nonsense solution to provide efficient remote support

EasySecure have tried different remote support tools, including leading market providers, but they have found their peace with ISL Online remote desktop. We have reached out to Chester Vliegenthart from EasySecure to share their experience. In his words, ISL Online is “an easy to use, no-nonsense application coming from an industry veteran which guarantees high reliability and continuous development”.

Biometric device

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ISL Light 4.4: Major update brings improved grouping and sharing of remote computers and much more

This week we have seen a major release of ISL Light which comes with over 40 new features and improvements to your favourite remote desktop tool. This includes the improved grouping and sharing feature, which now allows setting different permissions for each member of a group.

Setting permissions for a user


Download ISL Light 4.4

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Connect to a remote computer from ISL Light

The new version of ISL AlwaysOn no longer includes “My Computers” tab, so connecting to a remote computer from there is not possible anymore. To access computers on your list remotely, download ISL Light 4, log in and go to “Computers” tab.

ISL AlwaysOn showing My Computers tab removed

Users that haven’t yet switched to ISL Light 4, released in 2014, were connecting to their remote computers from ISL AlwaysOn, which until recently allowed this option.

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Grenline Pet: After years of frustration with remote access tools, we have finally found satisfaction with ISL Online

Greenline Pet is a three-year old software-as-a-service (SaaS) start-up that makes redeeming coupons and rebates on commonly-used pet medications easier. In the year that Greenline has been using ISL Online, they have achieved an impressive 98% success rate with virtual installations, even among its technologically-diverse clientele.

We reached out to Nick Meurrier, partner and Director of Sales and Operations at Greenline Pet, who describes ISL Online as phenomenal and hands-down better than anything they’ve used before.

Vet doctor using a computer

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Execute local AutoHotkey scripts on a remote computer

Anyone who likes shortcuts will be happy to know that ISL Light supports AutoHotkey. ISL Online remote desktop software enables the AutoHotkey scripts which are running on operator’s computer to be executed on the remote computer.

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Cad Toner: We would recommend ISL Online to any company searching for a professional and secure remote desktop software

Cad Toner, the leader and largest distributor of remanufactured cartridges and printing consumables in northern Mexico, solves over 200 technical issues every day using ISL Online remote desktop software.

We have been talking to their IT manager Guadalupe Gaytan, who gave us a nice insight on how they have been using ISL Online in the last three years.

Technician offering remote support

Cadtoner offers remote support to 200 clients daily and 5000 on yearly basis.

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Here’s how you can access a remote computer faster

If you’re one of those that often access a specific unattended remote computer, we have a great tip for you. It will help you speed up the process of connecting to the remote computer and it will optimise your remote access experience.

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Set up unattended remote access using a 12-digit code

When adding a remote computer to your ISL AlwaysOn list, the usual practice is to send an invitation email to your client, who opens the provided link and installs the ISL AlwaysOn agent onto their computer. But, did you know that ISL AlwaysOn supports a quick and easy way of adding a remote computer via the 12-digit code?

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ISL Online’s 2017 Year in Review

A great deal has happened in 2017. We’d like to take a special opportunity to look back on all things we have learned and achieved over the last twelve months and present it to you in this “Year in review” post.

Year 2017 in Review

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Access a remote computer with user’s consent

Often the easiest and fastest way to provide remote desktop support is to install a remote access agent (ISL AlwayOn) on your client’s computer. This allows the subsequent support sessions to be launched anytime and from anywhere with no interaction required from your client, making the process fast and seamless. However, we still want the end-user to be the decision-making authority when it comes to granting access to their computer. The following steps, which should be performed on the client’s side, will help you configure ISL AlwaysOn in such a way that connection to a computer can only be established with the client’s approval.

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How Server License users can avoid “Authenticode Expiry Warning”

These days, our Server License users are receiving automatic system messages from their ISL Conference Proxy servers: “Authenticode will expire on 2018-01-29”.

What should Server License users do about this?
All system administrators who manage the ISL Online Server License in their organisation are recommended to follow the procedure described below and remove the automatic system notification about certificate expiry in order to solve this issue. However, this notification compromise the security of your system.

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ISL Online maintains 99,98% uptime in 2017

Also in 2017 ISL Online stayed true to their promise and recorded an impressive 99,9814% uptime, which again exceeded the 99,95% uptime guaranteed in the SLA. Looking at the past 8 years ISL Online kept the average cloud service availability at enviable 99.9823%.

ISL Online maintains 99,98% uptime in 2017

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