Uptime 2020: ISL Online remote desktop services guarantee four-nines of availability

In 2020 ISL Online performed at an outstanding 99.9922% uptime. In times when we have witnessed a soaring demand for connectivity and the importance of services running without interruptions was greater than ever, ISL Online delivered reliable and secure remote desktop services and allowed its users efficient remote work.  

ISL Online has been publicly reporting its uptime since 2010. By delivering the four-nines uptime in 2020, they have confidently surpassed their 11-years average uptime.

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How important is professional remote support software during lockdown?

According to Matic Nartnik, system administrator at the University of Ljubljana, remote support software ISL Online “was a lifesaver during the Coronavirus lockdown.” When his team and all the university’s staff, professors and office workers had to switch to working from home overnight, an efficient and reliable remote support and access product was critical.

University of Ljubljana has adapted the study process to comply with COVID-19 preventive measures.

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5 ways to build team culture in a remote work environment

The coronavirus pandemic has brought unforeseen circumstances across various aspects of society. Among all others, also enterprises had to adapt to the new normal. To do their part in curbing the growing number of confirmed cases, organizations have resorted to remote work strategies.

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Konica Minolta provides its channel sales partners with ISL Online remote desktop solution

Konica Minolta has been providing remote support to its direct customers for years. They solve 80% of all issues remotely with ISL Online. More than 70,000 remote sessions were held in 2019 alone. Based on this vast positive experience, Konica Minolta has worked with ISL Online to develop a remote service solution for its re-sellers and distributors.

remote support join page

In partnership with ISL Online Konica Minolta has developed a fully customised solution – Konica Minolta Remote Service. Their customers can join a remote support session via a simple join portal.

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Get App names ISL Light the N°1 category leader for remote support

We are delighted to announce that Gartner’s GetApp ranked ISL Online as the number one leader in the Remote Support Software category. ISL Online earned the first place ahead of all other remote support providers as a result of the highest overall score based on unbiased user ratings.

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Updated ISL Light brings upgraded multi-monitor support and many other improvements

ISL Light provides a powerful remote support and remote access tool. With the latest release we have provided an improved multi-monitor support feature, which now allows you to see remote monitors in separate windows and easily toggle between them. Enhancements in the graphical user interface have been made, the possibility to change the owner of a remote computer has been added and much more.

Multi-monitor support with ISL Light

Download ISL Light

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ISL Light Remote Desktop Recognized as Remote Support Software with Great User Experience by Gartner Digital Markets and other B2B Review Platforms

ISL Online is the proud recipient of Gartner Digital Markets Best Ease of Use badge 2020. Out of several hundred software products, for the second year in a row, verified reviewers recognized ISL Online software as impactful to their business. In addition, CompareCamp, granted ISL Online the Great User Experience Award.

Capterra badge

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How to Get Ready for Remote Work

If you come to a point where you can’t come to the office for a period of time, you should prepare yourself in advance. Put in place a structure that will enable you and your team to stay connected, and continue working from home or any other place. Luckily enough, existing technologies like collaboration software and remote access software allow efficient remote work.

Telework with ISL Online

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ISL Online remote desktop services: 99.9846% uptime in 2019

Performing at an excellent 99.9846% uptime in 2019, ISL Online, once again, delivered a high degree of reliability for businesses using their remote desktop software as a service. ISL Online’s public cloud, which consists of over 90 servers worldwide, hosted millions of remote support and remote access sessions with a cumulative downtime of only 81 minutes throughout the year.

ISL Online Uptime 2019

ISL Online guarantees 99.95% uptime within the Service Level Agreement (SLA). According to the uptime reports, the average availability of ISL Online’s remote desktop services was 99.9828% over the past 10 years.

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ISL Online ranked among top two in customer satisfaction for remote support software in the latest G2 review

ISL Online, the global provider of secure remote support and remote access software for professional use, has received the second-highest satisfaction score for remote support software based on verified user reviews sourced from the Europe region in the Winter 2020 G2 reports.

Remote support software rank

Among all remote support providers listed on G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website, ISL Online earns the second position in customer satisfaction.

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ISL Online receives the highest score in the c’t independent remote desktop software review

In its independent remote support software review, c’t magazine, the computer magazine with the most subscribers in Europe gives the highest score to ISL Online.  The c’t journalist, Jan Schüßler, points out its ease of use and rich functionalities: »Connection setup and operation are uncomplicated and the functionality is convincing. ISL Online makes it easy for the user looking for help.«

c't remote desktop test

c’t – Magazin für Computertechnik (Magazine for Computer Technology) is a German computer magazine with a sold circulation of about 315,000. With 241,000 subscriptions it is the computer magazine with the most subscribers in Europe.

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ISL Online expands remote control to LG Android devices

We have released the add-on for ISL Light Remote Desktop app for Android. You are now able to remotely control an LG smartphone or tablet from your PC or Mac and provide efficient technical support to mobile device users.

Get ISL Light on Google Play

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ISL Online Named Leader in the 2019 G2 Report for Remote Support Software

ISL Online has been named a leader in the latest G2 comparison of the best remote support software. ISL Light remote desktop solution nailed a spot among Leaders based on receiving a high customer satisfaction score and having a large market presence.

ISL Light is a leader in Small-Business Remote Support on G2

Here’s a quick score recap for ISL Light:

  • 100% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars (average rating is 4.7 stars).
  • 88% of users believe it is headed in the right direction.
  • 95% of users have rated ease of use as delightful.
  • 93% of users believe the quality of support is amazing.
  • 95% of users said they would be likely to recommend ISL Light.

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All you need to know to offer great remote support with ISL Online

If you’re a fresh ISL Online user, with a trial or a prepaid license, this one is for you. In this post, we’ll take a quick glance at ISL Light basics and pay attention to some of the useful features you might not be aware of at the beginning.

ISL Online Remote Desktop

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ISL Online Wins »Best Ease of Use« Badge from Capterra

We are proud to announce that ISL Online has been awarded the badge for Best Ease of Use 2019 in the remote support category from Capterra, the world’s leading software review platform. Capterra, a Gartner-owned platform, once a year synthesizes reviews in a given software category to recognize the most highly-rated products by users.

ease of use badge capterra

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ISL Online Partners with Microsoft Japan and SB C&S to Provide Azure-Based Managed Private Cloud Solution for Remote Access to Ease the Adoption of Telework in Japan

ISL Online, in cooperation with their long-time business partner OceanBridge Co., Ltd., established a new partnership with Microsoft Japan and SB C&S (former SoftBank C&S) to offer their secure remote desktop and remote access services as a private cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure instances. The easy-to-use and highly-secure remote access solution is affordable and technologically easy-to-deploy and can perform as an efficient telework opportunity.

ISL Online visits SB C&S head office in Tokyo.

ISL Online and OceanBridge CEOs visiting SB C&S head offices in Tokyo.

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18 remote desktop security measures you need to know about

You’re an IT supporter and you’re using remote desktop software to offer remote support to your customers. Use the below checklist to see how secure is the remote desktop tool you use. Is it secure like a fort or should you suggest a security measures update?

ISL Online Security Scheme

ISL Online addresses remote desktop security very seriously using RSA 2048/4096-Bit keys and symmetrical AES 256-Bit end-to-end encryption.

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ISL Online performs at 99.9852% uptime in 2018

ISL Online, also in 2018, delivered an enviable 99.9852% uptime and has yet again proven that a consistent and strong uptime is the lifeblood of an effective remote desktop service. Without a single major incident in the past year, ISL Online average cloud service availability has been improved to 99.9827%.

ISL Online performs at 99.9852% uptime in 2018

To its customers with a SaaS license, ISL Online guarantees 99.95% uptime within the Service Level Agreement. Among main reasons why businesses usually prefer SaaS to self-hosted solutions are greater reliability, security and automatic updates.

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How the end of CeBIT reminded us of the remote desktop technology beginnings?

No more CeBIT. Sounds strange, right? Well, actually it didn’t come as a surprise, we have all seen CeBIT fade away into a shadow of itself during the last ten years, but nevertheless, it’s not easy to grasp the idea that the once king in the worldwide tech landscape is dead.

Here, at ISL Online, CeBIT brings up a lot of good memories, so it made us reminisce about our beginnings and look back at the history of remote desktop. Looking at social media, it seems we’re not the only one to be somewhat sad to see CeBIT go. On Twitter, you’ll find long threads of posts reliving the best CeBIT moments under hashtags #CebitMemories and #Cebit.

ISL Online at CeBIT 2012

ISL Online exhibiting at CeBIT 2012. Our focus was set on mobile remote desktop solutions.

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Advanced use of tunnelling protocols through ISL Online

ISL Online’s tunnelling technology is a powerful feature which, besides giving you the possibility to establish a secure RDP connection to a Windows computer in a remote network, also provides you with a few other advantages. You can create a jump box to a remote system or allow local users to access a remote computer through your own computer.

In our previous post, we have covered detailed instructions on how to configure the tunnel and then start an RDP connection via ISL Online (read the blog). Once you have done that you can try out the advanced use cases we present below.    

USE CASE 1: Connect to a remote system through a jump box
In this scenario, you install the ISL AlwaysOn remote agent on only one computer in the remote network. This computer serves as a jump box through which you can then connect to any other computer in the same remote network.

Connect through a jump box to computers in the remote network using RDP access.

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