All you need to know to offer great remote support with ISL Online

If you’re a fresh ISL Online user, with a trial or a prepaid license, this one is for you. In this post, we’ll take a quick glance at ISL Light basics and pay attention to some of the useful features you might not be aware of at the beginning.

ISL Online Remote Desktop

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ISL Online Wins »Best Ease of Use« Badge from Capterra

We are proud to announce that ISL Online has been awarded the badge for Best Ease of Use 2019 in the remote support category from Capterra, the world’s leading software review platform. Capterra, a Gartner-owned platform, once a year synthesizes reviews in a given software category to recognize the most highly-rated products by users.

ease of use badge capterra

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ISL Online Partners with Microsoft Japan and SB C&S to Provide Azure-Based Managed Private Cloud Solution for Remote Access to Ease the Adoption of Telework in Japan

ISL Online, in cooperation with their long-time business partner OceanBridge Co., Ltd., established a new partnership with Microsoft Japan and SB C&S (former SoftBank C&S) to offer their secure remote desktop and remote access services as a private cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure instances. The easy-to-use and highly-secure remote access solution is affordable and technologically easy-to-deploy and can perform as an efficient telework opportunity.

ISL Online visits SB C&S head office in Tokyo.

ISL Online and OceanBridge CEOs visiting SB C&S head offices in Tokyo.

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18 remote desktop security measures you need to know about

You’re an IT supporter and you’re using remote desktop software to offer remote support to your customers. Use the below checklist to see how secure is the remote desktop tool you use. Is it secure like a fort or should you suggest a security measures update?

ISL Online Security Scheme

ISL Online addresses remote desktop security very seriously using RSA 2048/4096-Bit keys and symmetrical AES 256-Bit end-to-end encryption.

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ISL Online performs at 99.9852% uptime in 2018

ISL Online, also in 2018, delivered an enviable 99.9852% uptime and has yet again proven that a consistent and strong uptime is the lifeblood of an effective remote desktop service. Without a single major incident in the past year, ISL Online average cloud service availability has been improved to 99.9827%.

ISL Online performs at 99.9852% uptime in 2018

To its customers with a SaaS license, ISL Online guarantees 99.95% uptime within the Service Level Agreement. Among main reasons why businesses usually prefer SaaS to self-hosted solutions are greater reliability, security and automatic updates.

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How the end of CeBIT reminded us of the remote desktop technology beginnings?

No more CeBIT. Sounds strange, right? Well, actually it didn’t come as a surprise, we have all seen CeBIT fade away into a shadow of itself during the last ten years, but nevertheless, it’s not easy to grasp the idea that the once king in the worldwide tech landscape is dead.

Here, at ISL Online, CeBIT brings up a lot of good memories, so it made us reminisce about our beginnings and look back at the history of remote desktop. Looking at social media, it seems we’re not the only one to be somewhat sad to see CeBIT go. On Twitter, you’ll find long threads of posts reliving the best CeBIT moments under hashtags #CebitMemories and #Cebit.

ISL Online at CeBIT 2012

ISL Online exhibiting at CeBIT 2012. Our focus was set on mobile remote desktop solutions.

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Advanced use of tunnelling protocols through ISL Online

ISL Online’s tunnelling technology is a powerful feature which, besides giving you the possibility to establish a secure RDP connection to a Windows computer in a remote network, also provides you with a few other advantages. You can create a jump box to a remote system or allow local users to access a remote computer through your own computer.

In our previous post, we have covered detailed instructions on how to configure the tunnel and then start an RDP connection via ISL Online (read the blog). Once you have done that you can try out the advanced use cases we present below.    

USE CASE 1: Connect to a remote system through a jump box
In this scenario, you install the ISL AlwaysOn remote agent on only one computer in the remote network. This computer serves as a jump box through which you can then connect to any other computer in the same remote network.

Connect through a jump box to computers in the remote network using RDP access.

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How to secure an RDP connection without VPN?

(Last updated on July 30, 2020)

Route it via ISL Online remote desktop software! The latest ISL Light allows you to use RDP access to Windows computers running in the remote network without VPN tunneling or making any firewall changes. Instead, you can now route the protocol through the ISL Online safe tunnel.

Secure RDP connection via ISL Online

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ISL Online listed first in the PC Pro remote support software review

ISL Online has been listed as a leading product in the latest PC Pro review of remote support software, earning 5 out of 5 starts and receiving the “ITPro Editor’s Choice” badge.

ITPro Editor's Choice Badge

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Visit ISL Online at SDI in Mexico and transform your tech support

(versión en español debajo)

This is the third year in a row that ISL Online will showcase at the SDI Mexico on 20th September. It is a great opportunity to discuss the potential pitfalls in the support process and talk about possible innovations and solutions. With almost 20 years of experience in the remote desktop industry and with customers from almost every industry sector, we are happy to share our knowledge with all the local IT professionals.


What: #SDI18MX
When: 20th September
Where: SALÓN BOSQUES, Pedregal No. 24, Molino del Rey, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City
Booth: SG3

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Meet ISL Online at Pharmed & Healthcare tradeshow in Vietnam

ISL Online will attend the Pharmed & Healthcare tradeshow in Vietnam in September. ISL Online will present its state-of-the-art remote desktop software, focusing on the Managed Private Cloud product which enables full control and complete privacy of sensitive medical data.

Meet ISL Online at Pharmedi in Vietnam

What: Pharmed & Healthcare Vietnam
When: 19-22 September
Where: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, #Booth H17-19

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Remotely support Android TV with ISL Light app

Our latest ISL Light for Android release includes support for Android TV. This means you can remotely connect to an Android TV box with ISL Online remote desktop software, view the Android TV interface and make annotations to point out the issue to its user and help them solve it.

Remote support for Android TV

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Mitsubishi Chemical Systems trusts ISL Online remote desktop to support 32,000 employees of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group

Mitsubishi Chemical Systems (MCS) provides comprehensive IT technical services to about 100 companies of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCHG) located in Japan and in overseas countries of Asia-Pacific region. To promptly support 32,000 employees, they count on ISL Online remote desktop software.

We have reached out to Mr. Koji Okuda, a Group Manager from the ICT Infrastructure Division of MCS, which claims “ISL Online remote desktop is a reliable and responsive tool, essential for MCS to be able to serve such a massive number of users efficiently and solve issues on time”.

Mitsubishi Chemical Team Members

From left to right: Mr. Koji Okuda, ICT Infrastructure Division, ICT Infrastructure Division, Mitsubishi Chemical Systems Corporation, Mr. Yoshihisa Ishimoto, Mr. Ishimoto, Keizo Suzuki, the same department, Mr. Akira Kadonari, Customer Support Department

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How to customise your remote desktop app for Android

ISL Light, a remote desktop app for Android, now offers advanced customisation which allows you to tailor the app to your specifications in order to best serve your business’ needs. By using predefined customisation files you can change graphical elements, command lines and application settings of the ISL Light app.

Customised Join session screen on Android

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Singtel uses ISL Online software to offer efficient remote support in a low bandwidth environment to their clients at the sea

Singtel, the largest mobile network operator in Singapore, approached ISL Online after hearing a presentation of the remote desktop software their CEO gave on the stage at CommunicAsia event in Singapore. Their request was clear – they needed a snappier and more responsive remote access and support software, as their previous solution didn’t prove reliable on low bandwidth connections and was using up too much data.

We have reached out to Sunil Janardhanan, product developer and senior engineer at Singtel Satellite to tell us more about their specific use case.

Singtel offers remote support at the sea

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Meet ISL Online in Singapore at ConnectTechAsia

ISL Online, creators of remote support, access and helpdesk software used by technology service providers, helpdesks and IT departments in over 100 countries, will exhibit its technology at ConnectTechAsia: the largest B2B ICT event in Asia-Pacific region. ISL Online will be a part of the NXTAsia event, which focuses on technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and more.

Where? Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, #Booth 5J3-09
When? 26 – 28 June 2018

ISL Online will be showcasing at NXTAsia 2018

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ISL Online expands its business network in Japan and launches new remote desktop brands at Japan IT Week

ISL Online, creators of remote support, access and helpdesk software used by technology service providers, helpdesks and IT departments in over 100 countries, has launched a newly branded remote support and remote access software on the Japanese market. This is in collaboration with their business partners OceanBridge Inc. and Santec Corporation. ISL Online, a pioneer in the remote desktop industry, already holds a very strong presence on the Japanese market,but introducing the new products “Online ScreenView” and “Online ScreenAssist” is a new approach represented by Santec.

ISL Online - Santec - OceanBridge team

ISL Online – OceanBridge – Santec team launching Online ScreenView and Online ScreenAssist at the Japan IT Week.

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How will GDPR change remote desktop services?

On 25th May the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect. At ISL Online we have revamped our privacy policy in order to comply with the new set of rules, and more importantly, to give you an even more transparent view on how we deal with your personal data by letting you know what we actually collect, and the controls that you have over your personal data that we keep.

GDPR and remote desktop

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Remotely support iPhone and iPad users via iOS screen sharing

We are proud to present the newest ISL Light for iOS which allows real-time screen sharing in iOS. You can now connect from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer to any iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11 and view the screen of a remote iPhone or iPad device, providing remote support more efficiently than ever.

Download ISL Light for iOS from the App Store

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EasySecure: We wanted a future-proof and no-nonsense solution to provide efficient remote support

EasySecure have tried different remote support tools, including leading market providers, but they have found their peace with ISL Online remote desktop. We have reached out to Chester Vliegenthart from EasySecure to share their experience. In his words, ISL Online is “an easy to use, no-nonsense application coming from an industry veteran which guarantees high reliability and continuous development”.

Biometric device

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