Join ISL Online at SITS 2023 – Europe’s Premier Event for IT Support Professionals

Are you ready to experience the latest advancements in IT Service Management? Then join ISL Online at SITS 2023, Europe’s leading ITSM and Service Desk event, taking place at ExCel London on 10 and 11 May. We are excited to welcome you at our stand 390 to showcase our secure remote desktop software and connect with IT support professionals from across the UK and beyond.

Admission is FREE for pre-registered visitors! To register, click here.

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How to securely access your office computer from remote locations

In this blog we talk about the security of hybrid working models and preventative measures you should take when connecting remotely to your office computer. This could be the home office or a public place that requires even more attention. Employees could be sent on a business trip and work from an airport, hotel room, café, restaurant and the like. Since the pandemic, more and more companies are supporting hybrid working models to be more attractive to their employees. The question, however, is whether they have also adapted their network infrastructure and technology accordingly to ensure an adequate level of security?

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Discover the tactics IT managers use to cut costs and charge Service Desk efficiency

IT managers know that consistent and sustainable growth comes with many challenges. That’s because expanding the IT department requires a strategy that goes hand in hand with the Service Desk which takes on a leading role. In this article, we’ll explore the role IT support strategy plays in a company’s growth and how a remote support tool acts as a powerful resource in optimizing the Service Desk’s performance, reducing costs and raising efficiency.  

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The importance of remote access software in the development of hybrid educational models

Due to the pandemic, educational institutions faced the challenge of maintaining continuity in their educational programmes and offering courses remotely. In this article, learn how Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) used remote access software to help students access the university’s computer labs and continue their courses.

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ISL Online year in review: 2022 highlights

The festive season is in full swing, and this is usually the time when many of us look back at what we have accomplished and where there is still room for improvement. That’s exactly what we will try to do in this blog post.

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Basic guidelines for securing your remote desktop sessions

Security is extremely important when it comes to remote desktop software. To achieve the highest level of security for your remote desktop sessions, you need to ensure protection at multiple levels: the software itself, network, server, and client side. In this blog post, you will get an overview of these four main categories.

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Can remote work prevent employee resignation?

Experts point out the economic trend of people leaving their jobs on a massive scale, especially since the onset of pandemics, a phenomenon known as the Great Resignation. After a long period of working from home, many people have decided to rethink their priorities in life.

The pandemics have shown that the companies that have focused on hiring people who are highly reliable, committed, and performance-oriented will find the transition to flexible work much easier.

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7 simple ways to connect to a remote computer

If you use remote desktop software to connect to remote computers, then you probably know that one of the most important features is the simplicity of establishing the connection, especially when you are dealing with a non-technical client on the other side. That’s why in this blog post we are going to show you not one, but seven simple ways to connect to any remote computer in just a few seconds.

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The key performance metrics you should know about if you work in tech support

It’s common knowledge that all major business decisions need to be backed up with numbers. Your help desk is no exception. A help desk key performance indicator, or KPI for short, is a metric you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your customer support. Tracking the right service desk metrics allows you to identify weaknesses and strengths of your support and improve your business, as well as build customer loyalty.

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We reveal the secrets of cost per ticket. How to calculate it and the best strategies to reduce it.

Most IT departments don’t know how much they spend on support. There are several metrics that come to mind when we talk about IT service management: call duration, resolution time, customer satisfaction, etc. However, there is one metric that stands above all others in importance, and that is the cost per ticket (CPT).

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Using remote support to optimize a shift-left customer service strategy

The customer service industry is changing. Learn how companies are adopting the shift-left strategy to optimize customer service and the key role remote support software plays.

The adoption of the shift-left strategy began when the testing process was moved to earlier stages of software development. Today, it has evolved to encompass a variety of applications, not the least of which is customer service. Shifting simple, repetitive tasks to lower-level staff brings numerous benefits. For customer service, this means faster resolution of queries, higher customer satisfaction and massive time and cost savings for the company. The process becomes even more effective when remote support is included. 

Applying the shift-left strategy results in more streamlined and efficient customer service, as well as significant time and cost savings.
Source: HDI report

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How to choose the best remote support software for your business?

When thinking about your everyday business tools, you need to do your research and not settle for anything but the best. If you search the Internet for remote desktop software, you will find numerous solutions. But which one is the best for you? Here are some simple rules that you (as a business owner) need to follow.

Remote desktop software allows you to control remote computers and mobile devices anywhere in the world from your office.

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Visit ISL Online at SITS 2022

After a standstill of over two years, we are thrilled to announce that ISL Online will be exhibiting live at SITS 2022, Europe’s leading event for ITSM, service desk and IT support professionals. We can’t wait to meet you in person at our stand #185 to talk about the latest remote desktop trends, what we’ve learned during the pandemic and how it helped us improve the robustness and security of remote support services. The entrance to the show is free if you pre-register online.

When: May 11 and 12, 2022.
Where: ExCeL London, stand #185

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A guide to remote desktop services in a Managed Private Cloud (MPC)

In recent years, we have seen an uplift in demand for managed private cloud services, particularly in large enterprises and corporations. These companies are typically not keen to share cloud resources with other organizations. In this case, your resources and time are best invested into ISL Online’s Managed Private Cloud (MPC) platform, designed as a single-tenant remote desktop solution – perfect for large enterprises.

MPC is a perfect combination of independence and control of a dedicated environment, and enhanced security, power, redundancy, and ease of use of a public cloud.

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Gartner Digital Markets recognises ISL Light as a top remote support software

Capterra, a Gartner company, and an established software review and recommendation engine, has featured ISL Light in the flagship reports of Gartner Digital Markets (Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp) for Remote Support Software. These reports are independent assessments that evaluate certain parameters to create a list of software market leaders that offer the most popular solutions.

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TechRadar gives ISL Online remote access software 4 out of 5 stars

According to TechRadar, the largest news and review site in the UK, ISL Online is “a great solution for businesses both big and small, featuring cross-platform support, intuitive remote access tools, and multiple subscription options.”

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ISL Online year in review: a look back on milestones made in 2021

The year 2021 was an eventful one, and worth taking a look at. Not only has it brought to light the need for advanced attention to IT security, it also stirred up the continued uptake of remote support software. As we wrap up the year, we’d like to share some of the highlights of 2021.

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ISL Online achieves its best uptime to date, 99.9958%

In 2021, ISL Online achieved its all-time best uptime, an impressive 99.9958%! ISL Online’s public cloud, consisting of 100+ servers worldwide, hosted millions of remote support and remote access sessions with a cumulative downtime of only 22 minutes during the year. This demonstrates that ISL Online is a cloud-based service with built-in resilience, providing highly reliable remote desktop software used by IT professionals around the world. If you would like to try ISL Light, it’s free for 15 days.

To its customers with a SaaS license, ISL Online guarantees 99.95% uptime under the Service Level Agreement. According to uptime reports, the average availability of ISL Online’s remote desktop services has been 99.9847% over the last 12 years. Among the main reasons why companies usually prefer SaaS over self-hosted solutions are: great reliability, security and automatic updates.

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ISL Online is not affected by Log4Shell vulnerability

Researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046) in the Apache Log4j library that affects millions of applications.

We would like to assure all our users that ISL Online software does not use Log4j and IS NOT affected by the Log4Shell vulnerability.

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Red Dot Award for Interface and User Experience Design Goes to ISL Online

We are excited to share the news that ISL Online remote desktop software has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for Brands & Communication Design in the Interface and User Experience Design category. This is like winning an Oscar in the world of design!

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