ISL Online year in review: 2022 highlights

The festive season is in full swing, and this is usually the time when many of us look back at what we have accomplished and where there is still room for improvement. That’s exactly what we will try to do in this blog post.

In the grand scheme of things, 2022 certainly had its black spots that we cannot overlook, but at the same time it was also an exciting time because it finally brought back the opportunity to meet live. This refreshed relationships with our business partners around the world, and we once again had the opportunity to meet live with our customers at some of the most important trade shows in the remote desktop space.

Thank you

Before we move on, we would like to thank all of our customers for their trust in ISL Online, especially those who have shared their experiences with us and left a review on Capterra, G2, and Sourceforge. You wrote over 350 reviews in 2022 alone! That’s a lot of valuable customer feedback that helps us develop great remote desktop software.

It is easier to work with than with TeamViewer, specially since TV requires user to accept EULA and has stricter password requirements. The process of giving instructions to users how to run ISL Light Client is also easier. And process of switching to session with elevated privileges is also much easier and faster.” Sysadmin working in Information Technology and Services

Read more than 750 user reviews of ISL Light on Capterra, G2, and Sourceforge.
If you want to share your experience with ISL Light, click here.

Top new features

In 2022, we have added some exciting new features that will allow you to increase your productivity and provide an even better remote support service to your customers. Here are the top remote desktop features we have introduced for you in 2022.

New Administration panel with a QuickView

In late 2022, we revamped the ISL Online web console with a new functional sidebar and administration panel that make managing your computer groups and users easier and more efficient.

When you log in to your ISL Online account, you will notice a completely redesigned web console with revised navigation, tables, reports and many other elements. The biggest innovation is the new Administration panel.

The new QuickView lets you quickly edit users and computer groups to save time.

When you click on any cell in the table the QuickView opens, and you can quickly edit data.

From now on you can:

  • Share any computer group (regardless of ownership) with user groups or users to allow access to remote computers within the computer group. [Computer groups]
  • Create users and have your own list of operators. You can also change settings and assign permissions per user, for example, set the number of licenses per user or disable a specific feature. [Users]
  • Edit user groups or add users to user groups to simplify management when you later assign members (users, user groups) to computer groups [User Groups]
  • Find any event that took place on the new Administration page by filtering, such as who added a new user, how the computer group was renamed, when the “domain admin” changed the computer’s owner, and more. [Audit]
  • Set permissions for everyone within your ISL Online account (domain). For example, manage scheduled access when computers are available to connect, require two-factor authentication for all users, set required password length or special characters [Settings]
  • And much more

Within the web console we have also redesigned navigation, tables, reports and many other elements.

Open each monitor in a separate window
Many of you work with multiple remote monitors. When connected to ISL Light Client on Windows, you can now split them into separate windows and arrange them on your local monitor, or open each remote desktop in a separate monitor if you have more than one.

Invite a guest operator
You can now invite a guest operator without an ISL Online account to your session by enabling the new “Skip login authentication (guest operator)” setting. In the updated “Invite an operator” window you will find a few other new options:

  • “Disable mouse and keyboard control” prevents the invited operator from controlling the remote screen, he will only see the remote screen.
  • “Require consent to join from the operator” opens a window where you can allow or deny participation in the session when the guest attempts to join.

Add request permissions on macOS
Here’s one for those who support Mac users. The new Security & Privacy section in the ISL AlwaysOn settings reflects the permissions set in macOS Security & Privacy permissions. You can now access the macOS Security & Privacy permissions dialog, which grants ISL AlwaysOn permission for screen recording (view desktop), accessibility (control desktop), and file access (transfer files).

Android improvements
A new driver for desktop grabbing and controlling of the device has been implemented for Samsung devices. The new driver combines the MediaProjection API for streaming the screen of an Android device and the Knox library for injecting keyboard and mouse events. The use of the new driver is controlled via a newly added setting in ISL Light – Use Media Projection API for streaming instead of Samsung Knox.

Support for managed SSL certificates
We also serve customers who choose a self-hosted on-premises license. We have added a new SSL module to ISL Conference Proxy that supports the Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol. This allows server license users to easily obtain SSL certificates to enable HTTPS connections to their ICP.

These are just the most popular new features and improvements. To stay up to date with all the new features of ISL Light, as well as the full list of improvements, bug fixes and security updates, we invite you to visit our website.

Discover more new features of ISL Light in 2022


We are proud that ISL Light remains in the Leaders quadrant for the Remote Desktop and Remote Support category on two of the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplaces for people to discover and rate business software, G2 and Capterra, thanks to outstanding user reviews.

We are proud that TechRadar, one of the largest tech news and review sites, has named ISL Online to its list of the Best Remote Desktop Software of 2022. In an unbiased review, a TechRadar Pro review team expert describes ISL Online as “a great solution for businesses both big and small, featuring cross-platform support, intuitive remote access tools and multiple subscription options.”

IT Pro, another trusted platform for technology news and reviews, recognized ISL Online as one of the the 8 best alternatives for Teamviewer, describing it as “easily managed, versatile and secure remote support at a great price”.

 Live events are back

In 2022, the gates opened again and after more than 2 years, we were thrilled to exhibit live at some of the most important service desk and tech trade shows to meet our customers in person. We discussed the latest remote desktop trends at SITS – The Service Desk & IT Support Show 2022 in the UK and the robustness and security of remote support services at the SDI22MX event, where we were proud to be part of the largest ITSM community in Mexico.

We are looking forward to new innovations and achievements in 2023, so here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect next: soon you’ll be able to access unattended Android devices with ISL Light!

Wishing you all happy holidays and a fantastic new year!

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