ISL Online achieves its best uptime to date, 99.9958%

In 2021, ISL Online achieved its all-time best uptime, an impressive 99.9958%! ISL Online’s public cloud, consisting of 100+ servers worldwide, hosted millions of remote support and remote access sessions with a cumulative downtime of only 22 minutes during the year. This demonstrates that ISL Online is a cloud-based service with built-in resilience, providing highly reliable remote desktop software used by IT professionals around the world. If you would like to try ISL Light, it’s free for 15 days.

To its customers with a SaaS license, ISL Online guarantees 99.95% uptime under the Service Level Agreement. According to uptime reports, the average availability of ISL Online’s remote desktop services has been 99.9847% over the last 12 years. Among the main reasons why companies usually prefer SaaS over self-hosted solutions are: great reliability, security and automatic updates.

The resilience of our cloud service and the reliability of the remote desktop software have always been the focus of ISL Online. For this reason, we have been measuring and publicly disclosing our uptime for 12 years. In 2021, we achieved 99.9958% availability of ISL Online services, the highest uptime since 2010.

To be precise, ISL Online remote desktop services hosted on were available and working at 100% day and night in 2021. This means that ISL Online SaaS users were able to access remote computers and provide remote support without any interruption.

All 15 minor incidents recorded in 2021 were related to the availability of the website. These totaled 22 minutes of downtime but never lasted longer than 4 minutes. If a user wants to start a remote desktop service through the website during its unavailability, they are automatically offered an alternative login page hosted by the ISL Online network and can start the session there. However, the website downtime caused certain features such as user management and license usage in the web console to be temporarily unavailable.

ISL Online ended the year with 19 minutes less downtime than 2020, and more than three hours less downtime than the guaranteed SLA.

Why high availability is important to ISL Online

As a cloud service provider, we understand that high availability is important to our customers. Tens of thousands of IT specialists rely on ISL Online remote desktop software every day to service unattended remote computers and resolve ad hoc remote support requests. The top priority of our IT team is to ensure that we have taken all necessary steps to ensure business continuity for our users and to prevent any adverse business impact that potential downtime may lead to.

However, avoiding downtime is not the only reason we work hard to achieve and maintain high availability of ISL Online services. Some other reasons are:

Keeping the promised SLA: We guarantee all our SaaS users 99.95% uptime with our Service Level Agreement (SLA). We are proud to say that over the last 12 years we have regularly exceeded the promised 99.95% SLA and the ISL Online services have performed with an average uptime of 99.9847%, which means that the ISL Online services have been down for an average of only 80 minutes per year.
Maintaining customer relationships: By providing our customers with a reliable and secure cloud service with remote desktop software that just works, we build trust and lasting relationships with our customers.
Maintaining brand reputation: From an end user’s perspective, availability is one of the most important indicators of a service’s quality. The enviably high uptime identifies ISL Online as a professional and stable remote desktop service and helps build a good reputation in the market.
Data security: With a HA infrastructure, you can ensure the integrity of the data it contains. People and processes must be able to reach that data even in the event of a disruption.

The network that powers ISL Online’s cloud-based services consists of 100+ dedicated servers hosted in professional and industry-proven data centers around the world. In the event of a partial outage, the global cloud network immediately reroutes and redistributes sessions to the second-best server nearby to ensure users can continue their work without interruption.

In 2022, we will continue to invest in robust, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure and deploy new technologies to eliminate potential single points of failure and ensure even better fault tolerance, greater stability and faster performance of ISL Online services.

Try ISL Light – free for 15 days

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