ISL Online Going Mobile

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Since you’ve repeatedly requested the ISL Online’s mobile devices version, our dev guys have been working hard to grant you the wish. Here is a sneak peek at the first ISL Online item in the App Store.

It’s an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch utility application called ISL Connection Tester, whose purpose is to monitor the accessibility of the ISL Online Network and thus availability of ISL Online services. It is particularly useful for users of the server version (Server License), who can now after a successful installation check the server’s availability and performance from their mobile devices.

See how the ISL Connection Tester works:

And remember, this is just a beginning. Your favourite remote desktop application is coming to the App Store shortly. Stay tuned.

Get ISL Connection Tester for free in the App Store!

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4 Responses to ISL Online Going Mobile

  1. Janez Kranjski says:

    Android version?

  2. Rudy Reynders says:

    ik kan niet inloggen met mijn IPAD ik krijg als antwoord Safari kan dit bestand niet downloaden ?

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